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  1. its weird to think about the true nature of reality. basic physics explains most of what goes on in our every day lives but it doesnt explain how particles behave, and particles make up the universe. when we look at atoms they behave differently and they are affected by our conscious observation. and things like the fact that two atoms that made a molecule are forever linked and they can teleport particles at the speed of light using this link with no actual connection. and what is life. are we just little robots that die and are never alive again or do you think we are something bigger than that. what is the distinction between life and death in the eyes of reality?
    people, even some scientists have kind of a backwards look on reality and they think that their mind is projecting it because the way we interpret things, we see stimuli and respond to that but if you just look at it backwards it looks like the mind is creating the stimuli but thats just a backwards perception. but the brain perceive slightly forward or maybe backward in time because if you get pinched you feel it instantly but in reality it would take a second or two to hit your brain so our brain plays it backwards. this doesnt change anything about reality it just changes the way we experience things. 
    i think the universe isnt really real and reality is what its like when we are dead but for there to be nothing there has to be something, and we are just inconcievabley small pieces in a mind smashing reality thats not just as big as the billions of galaxys that have billions of stars in them. basically anything and everything even outside of our physical limitations is happening all right now, its the pretty much the parallel universe theory. but not only to think of how many millions of other life forms there are near those trillions of stars but then think about all those possibilities, then think about anything that could happen within the physical limitations of the universe which it doesnt seem that there are some sometimes, a lot could happen. i kind of think that we are living within the realm of physical limitation that could be out there though and there are infinite but not infinitely weird scenarios. there are dimensions we arent percieving, stephen hawking theorizes up to 12. it is also probable that there are many many universes stacked up next to each other. looking at the gravitational pull on the universe it appears that another universe bubble popped up right next to it. 
    also, our 3d world is just a 2d presentation of information sucked into a black hole. what happens when stuff is sucked into a black hole is it is stored as 2d information across it, where, scientists and philosophers and people think that all of this stuff builds up until a big bang happens and then a whole new universe of possibility opens up. i think of it like a plant, but on an eternally massive scale. at one point the entire universe was compressed into the size of a pea, and technically it means we are all still energetically bound even though we are apart now. but i think this happens when all the information is stored and compressed in the black hole, then it is projected as a 3d reality or even more depending on what consciousness is in it, but it has 12 dimensions all effecting each other we just cant perceive it because we can only see 3 and only just begin to perceive 4. anyways then all the information spreads out and becomes stars and galaxies that make new black holes and there will be billions of them, and billions of them in each black hole, and again and again and again, theres so many universes that on the largest even just 3d-verging on the 4th dimension there will be trillions and i dont even know the word for how many, its infinite, its ever repeating. i think the 4th dimension is made from stacked up 3rd dimensional universes, much like when you stack a bunch of (lets imagine) 2d paper you get a 3d world. its really trippy when you think about how we might be effecting the 4th dimension and how they might be effecting us. 
    anyways life is crazy and thats just the tip of the iceberg but its just the most fascinating stuff i have read. im not going to post links or anything you can fact check it yourself. 

  2. You know what's even cooler? People who study atoms are atoms themself, so its a atom studying a atom. Now that's cool
    Neally makes it worth the effort. Effort = sum parts energy? Its a win win. Space party!!!! bring your theories:)
  4. basic physics explains most of what goes on in our every day lives but it doesnt explain how particles behave,
    Yes, it does. We know not only how they behave and why, but also in what order they became present in the Universe. Please see experiments done by the LHC to see how much we know about atoms and sub-atomic particles. We also know a much deeper reality through quantum physics.
    and particles make up the universe. when we look at atoms they behave differently and they are affected by our conscious observation.
    No, this is a myth, propagated by the Thrive group and others through the 'What the Bleep...' movie.
    and things like the fact that two atoms that made a molecule are forever linked and they can teleport particles at the speed of light using this link with no actual connection
     This is called quantum entaglement, and it's usually created using a photon which is split in two. The connection is now considered by some to take place via a wormhole.
  5. thanks for the info guys. i wish more people would get involved in this thread and contribute this way
  6. dude that is absolutely genius and such a trip. you have seriously blown my mind
  7. the driving force of the universe is consiousness and eternity
  8. reality is like a movie and at the end its just blank for us
  9. quantum physics is mostly what i was talking about here, but quantum physics contradicts your everyday physics so go figure
  10. It is only contrary.....
    When you have just barely a surface understanding of what you heard somewhere...
    To honestly grasp these things requires actual research... not just reading a couple articles...
    You know no such thing at all. You may know how to describe the interactions of sub-atomic particles, yes, and you may understand some sort of causal connections between these particles, but, I repeat, you do not know why these particles act the way they do or why they behave it all; you just know that they act, and that they behave, and you just assume and expect them to act and behave as they have always done... yet, there's a reason quantum physicists talk in terms of probabilities, and not in terms of fatal determinism. So, again, you do not know why particles act the way they do (you just know that they act).. stop spreading that rumor.
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    Ah, dd, I thought there was no absolute 'truth' pertaining to reality, for reality, according to you, is far beyond our comprehension and mundane biases, and that all is nil...right? :unsure:
    Are you really onto this whole scientificism too?
  13. to know truth, is to know experience. work without prejudice or desire to sincerely understand and ultimately, have the ability to manipulate every aspect of existence.
  14. Hoes... when did i say there was an absolute anything?
    Science is just taking ideas almost anyone can see if that is what they are looking for.... and describing that shit....
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    Then let the man believe what he wants to believe.. and who are you to say, in fact, that his views pertinent to reality are out of touch with the sciences, and, also, in the same breath, to say that for him to actually understand something he needs to read more than a "couple of articles"?
  16. Do you have any idea what a pain in the ass you are?
    Do you care?

    Was just my opinion.... still far from absolute.
    I feel if enough research us done... the lack of contradiction becomes obvious...
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    What utter, utter nonsense. Two answers: particle physics explains how sub-atomic particles interact. Quantum physics is about probability and a finer level of reality. We know lots about why many particles - if we class them in this way - act as they do, some we don't.
     I keep noticing that you get quite upset with people who know about science and tell the truth about it. Is it just because it flies in the face of your beliefs, or somethig more? This is a rather odd reaction: ."...stop spreading that rumor...."
      Please see the LHC results and what we know - and don't know - about particle physics. Nobody is saying that we know it all, but that we know nothing as you want to believe is silly.
    EDIT: The following, just one example of hundreds, shows how much we know and understand about reality at a QM level and how we can already manipulate particles in amazing ways:
    "Unfortunately for realists, scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo., scored a cat trick. They made each of six atoms spin in opposite directions at the same time. Each whirls like a top. But unlike any real top, the scientists reported in the journal Nature, each spins clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously. "
     Nope, we don't know verything, but what we do know is more than impressive, even you can't deny that.
    It doesn't contradict it, it adds a further level to it. For example, Newtonian physics isn't the full picture about what reality is and isn't, but it works at the level it's used at. Quantum physics tells a deeper story, but that doesn't mean that QM makes Newtonian wrong. One is looking at reality from far away, the other much more closely, neither contradicts the othe, as in a sense, they're talking about different things.
  19. \tPhoton recoil provides new insight into matter: New precision spectroscopy allows unprecedented accuracyDate:
    January 30, 2014
    Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)
    Quantum logic spectroscopy has now been significantly extended: the new method is called "photon-recoil spectroscopy" (PRS). In contrast to the original quantum logic technique, the new method enables the investigation of very fast transitions in atoms or molecules. With this new method, spectroscopic investigations will be possible on nearly any kind of particles.


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    Its not that great really :) looks a bit boring. There trying to chase the already existing shit and keep telling us its special.

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