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The true medical facts or marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by wackjob18, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Im starting to get annoyed of my search for the true facts or marijuana. ive been researching for a while now if marijuana is truely bad for you or not. Many places say that just the smoke itself is bad for you and other places say it has many negative effects to you. I'm getting annoyed by this and i wanna know if anyone actually know's the 100% SCIENTIFIC PROOF of this herb. Also i do not want to hear "Well it may cause cancer but it hasnt been scientifically proven yet". I think that is a really dumb statement cause you could say the exact same thing with any fricken thing in the world.

  2. You just answered your own question. The only real negative thing you are going to hear people say about it is that studies have shown it may cause cancer. But, studies have shown that 100's of things may cause cancer. Heck, I'm sure there have been studies showing that many things you come in contact with daily can cause cancer: Your microwave, cell phone, Computer-monitor, etc. So that argument should really be taken with a grain of salt. Other than that: The herb is golden.
  3. First off, everything from microwaves to aluminum foil allegedly causes cancer. Secondly, marijuana isn't flawless, but also isn't significantly harmful. Brain damage (an absolutely ridiculous claim to begin with) is a myth, and that includes all accusations of cellular damage. Aside from that and lung cancer (given that you are smoking it) there isn't even much to discuss. Vaporizing your weed eliminates what little other health risks there are that remain.

    Smoking marijuana is probably less harmful than say, eating a bag of Hot Cheetos. Hot Cheetos - the real enemy. Damn I love those things.
  4. Well... Actually there are few studies that I seen here and there that have a strong suspicion that it has been linked to cause of clinical depression in long term chronic smokers... And ah... It's horrible on the young teens still developing lungs, especially female (if smoked). Apparently the girls lugs are susceptible then there boy counter parts... Dun know, that's what the smoking lung damage report said. And well... That's pretty much it.... It's not any worse then smoking any other plat matter.

    And good old water can possibly cause cancer. :rolleyes: (Like what are the odd's of that?)
    Same way as it can possibly poison you to death.
    And CAN cause you go into fatal shock....

    So does that mean watter should be prohibited and crimalized???? :eek:

  5. Weed isn't criminalized because of any effect it has on the human body.

  6. THis is true they are political, racial, financially driven and outdated draconian laws.
  7. Click the link in my sig. Start reading.

    Granny :wave:
  8. I heard that saliva causes cancer.

    No worries though.

    It's only bad if you swallow it in small amounts, over long periods of time.


    Seriously, though...

    Life is terminal. That's for sure!

    *Vapes a Big One*

  9. There are very few peer reviewed double blind studies done as a result of the DEA and the strict restrictions put on marijuana. It's a vicious cycle. The DEA says that there are no studies that show X,Y, or Z relating to marijuana, but at the same time won't allow the studies to happen in the first place.
  10. Dude, you get plus rep simply for using the word "draconian". God I love that word. :)
  11. Keep your eye out on this forum. There are a ton of great links especially in the Medical Marijuana part, for true information with scientific backing. This really is a great site for information.

    In my opinion and in the research that I and my company has done, there are no fatal side effects from marijuana. plain and simple.

  12. This post is spam. Your site is just another site trying to sell something.


  13. Excuse me? What are you talking about? I was just praising GrassCity and telling wackjob18 to read more posts on GrassCity to be really informed. I was not selling anything. I am trying to be a supportive member of this forum.

  14. If you use it under real doctor supervision, like having regular check ups, and starting with a low amount to begin with can actually be beneficial to people with ADD/ADHD.
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    [ame=""]Good for ADD[/ame]
  16. I can't believe some of the rumors that have been posted in this thread.
    I also can't believe why a politician hasn't stood up on this issue. I mean STOOD UP, and BROUGHT IT TO THE TABLE. Maybe because other issues are prevalent now, but still, this issue of Marijuana Decriminalization needs to at least be discussed in Congress.
  17. Watch the second video... Its been in congress.

    Reasons why: 1) Stigma attached to weed. 60's and 70... Racism... and the burnt out 'stoner'.
    2) Money from pharmaceutical, industrial, and/or other wise intrested parties for conservative or religis or w.e morral value of some kind to make it worth thier while to drop those consciderable 'donations' and 'contributions'

    And I lost my train of thought... :rolleyes: I'll get back to this....
  18. These kind of statements seem silly when you think about it.

    "mj does this or that .."

    "they" can't even say that smoking cannabis sativa will get you high. It all depends on if that strain has THC in it or not.

    Just a minor example of how nearly every statement about "marijuana does x" will only hold true for some strains of mj ...

    Depending on the cannabinoid profile of the strain.

    great website with proper scientific references, i was searching for similar things (im very scientifically inclined) and found this website to be very useful

  20. studies need funding, therefore... studies cant tell you shit... About pretty much anything.

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