The Trojan Horse

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  1. I wasn't really sure where to put this, but isn't it crazy, the tale of the Greeks defeating the city of Troy by giving them a wooden horse sculpture? Filled with 30 knights! Who opened the gates! After pretending to sail away! Then coming back and storming the castle! Hahaha! That really happened... That has to be one of the most fantastic stories in the history of warfare.

  2. Key word there is "story".


  3. Yes the story is that it was gift, but was secretly loaded with Greek soldiers who, once in side the gates, slaughtered the Trojans.

    It's similar to a certain unpopular, controversial building project currently situated in lower NYC. :wave:
  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha!
  5. simply incredible...b t dubs if your reading this my trojan horse has just entered your computer and is about to fuck your shit UP:wave:

    but ya imagine how baddass those warriors must have been...sometimes I wish I lived back then when shit was so much simpler and the little things in life were everything.
  6. The Trojan Rabbit was a far greater success...



  7. Ummm, is this the first you have heard of this? Really? I thought everyone knew what a Trojan Horse was. Unbelievable, lol. Anyways why is this posted here, it really has nothing to do with politics.

  8. Dude, you ever study any Western history? It was far from easy in that period. The moto of the day was"Murder, Rape, Pillage".
  9. "I fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts." - Virgil
  10. The original of:


  11. i never said it was easy...just simple. At least more so than now, shit is too complicated now a days.
  12. Could you please point out what exactly is so complicated about our lives?
  13. it was easy for the rapists, murderers and pillagers.. everyone else, not so much.
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    ya, our minds.

    could you live without electricity, running water, a computer, xbox, telephones, malls, movie theaters, and all that crap? Meanwhile the only real things in life are shelter food and companionship and even cavemen could have had that on lock.

    once we get used to these things theres no going back, we see the immediate benefits...we do not however see the drawbacks until weve passed the point of no return. think about our addiction to oil thats a perfect example.
  15. Trojan Man!

    In an unrelated story, I found out that Carl Winslow has a myspace page. Huh.

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