the trippiest movie

Discussion in 'General' started by dope_saint, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. hello green fellas!!!

    i was kind of boried, and wanted to rent a movie.

    could you tell me wich movie is gonna trip me out more???

    wich is the craziest and ideal for a joint.

    cares from mexico and big respect.

    ...the universe is expanding
    why not your mind?
  2. requiem for a dream
    fear and loathing in las vegas
    the who: the kids are alright (it just has jammin music, and its awsome)





    there is no substitute.
  4. man I honestly can't stand waking life anymore..its a cool film for the first watch through, especially if you don't delv into that sorta stuff often. but basically everything they discuss can be learned in a single term of a philosophy course..theories of knowledge, theories of reality etc. etc. its all kinda just boring when you watch weird cartoons spurting out "mind blowing" ideas and analogies and theories that you've already heard...especially when they begin to contradict eachother...

    requiem for a dream is a great movie....the same makers of that movie also made the movie PI..its about a wacked out guyy who discovers the numerical meaning to life through his home built supercomputer, in so many words....same distinct filming methods too...while taking different pills/drugs they show them then quickly dissapear and flash between cutscenes of doing drugs and what not... PI isn't so drug oriented though, as it is a mind fucker...requiem for a dream is good if you're just lookin for a film with drug use/references and a good ol moral lesson or two added in for measure
  5. requiem is a great movie....especially if you wanna be a lil wierded out and listen to a great sound trac..... highly recommended...:)

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