The Triple Dog Dare Plant Challenge

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Deleted member 1148562, Oct 4, 2022.

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  1. all fun n' games until someone hacks into it :D

    p.s. booby traps are illegal last time I checked.
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  2. I'm too busy imagining a day when my veg plants can control the robot arm that does my bucking and bud trimming on the flower plants, circle of life!

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  3. OK Rambo
    Address. ?
    Where do you work ?
    What time do you get home from work ?
    Are You a heavy drinker ?
    Do you have a dog ?
    Any reaction to latex or duct tape.

    Silence is golden but duct tape is silver
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  4. All the good booby traps come with shovel body bag and duct tape.
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  5. [​IMG]

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  6. I got ya phone ya laptop and car you wanna them back ...lemme see you pay the rent
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  7. IMG_2584_(1).jpg
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  8. Much obliged to you for such a fast and point by point answer
    I need to associate the crossover tube into the bowl of the freeze bong as opposed to filling the packs. The freeze bong guarantees that it can chill off by something like 300 degrees farenheit (149 celsius). I couldn't say whether the fume will liquify or what the hits will feel like. That is the very thing that I might want to be aware prior to purchasing these items.
    I will investigate the strain show. Thanks

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