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the trip of all trips

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 30three, Jun 20, 2019.

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    ——skip to this line if you want to get straight to the story————————

    So yeah, I literally made this account for this specific reason, share my experience with other to enjoy. This is all 100% real, and I’ll try to describe it to the best of my ability, and even give a little background.

    Well yeah, here we are, it’s June 20th at 2AM, on a calm Thursday morning. This trip took place on May 29th, so I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on it. Now on this day, I had recently copped eddies off a dude I got classes with, it was a random thing, him coming up to me offering to make me some, I was for it, as it had been a while since I was really GONE. I hadn’t reached the level I’ve wanted to for a while now, I wasn’t a avid smoker, but I did it often enough to understand my mental off it, and find my own personal enjoyment in marijuana. I thought to myself “what better way to get smacked off my ass on some eddies” (I was HORRIBLY wrong). So I bought the cookie, it was about the size of my palm, and MAN, the strong scent on it knocked me off my ass as it was, it was STRONG, it literally smacked tf out you with a sniff. Now i have no idea whether that’s normal with home made eddies, but y’all can let me know.

    Now I was suppose to save this cookie for senior cut day, my whole senior class was going to the beach all day on that Friday (I bought it on Wednesday) and I was planning on maybe splitting it with a few boys and chill on the beach, but there was a problem, like I said, it smelled STRONG, and my parents aren’t aware of my smoking habits, and they are very against drugs if all kinds, so I’d rather wait until I live under my own roof to be open about it, ain’t tryna get kicked out. So I managed to hide the baggy with the cookie inside a backpack under my bed, but I’d always think in the back of my head (my mom clears out my room randomly of old stuff I don’t use, what if she finds it) so as I get home the next day from driving school (on Thursday) I’m laying in bed, ready to take my daily nap, meanwhile I’m facetime with one of my boys. I then ask “you think it’ll be a good idea to down this cookie right now” cause for some reason I thought that would be a fucking great idea, which he obviously replies “fuck it”. I, of course, down the cookie in like, 3 bites. I then tell my boy
    ima take the nap, and hang up facetime


    ALRIGHT, the actual story finally starts here. As I lay down, put my sheets over me, and turn the lights off, I feel the blanket weighing down on me very much, it felt like I was melting into my slumber, nothing crazy, just the first thing that I remember. Suddenly, I’m fucking flying in a feeling I can only describe as EUPHORIA, literally fucking flying, well not LITERALLY, but you catch my drift, I remember waving my arms like I’m spongebob, and my eyes being rolled to the back of my head, in complete bliss, it honesty felt great. After that, I realize that I’m officially fucking SMACKED. At this point this is already as intense high as I’ve ever experienced, and it’s probably the easiest time I had. Then I thought to myself “what can I do to make this better” I instantly went back to my phone, and proceeded to blast music. Now I don’t know which songs I heard in order, it was 2 songs though, both by Drake, Company, and Don’t Matter to Me, both completely opposite vibes, which I think really sent my trip to a different level. Now to keep it more simple, Company has a lot of these distorted baselines that are used in between bars, and every time one came on, my head would shake viciously to it, and this really scared me, alongside that the song sounds like it’s going downhill with it’s tone, it gets darker as it approaches Travis Scott’s verse, which sent me to the darkest place ever, so I almost freaked and skipped to Don’t Matter to Me, a mostly calm sign, with beautiful MJ vocals. Well those vocals were in fact to intense for me, I actually ended up throwing my phone across the room right before the climax peaked, cause i felt like my heart was about to explode. I then lay back, and few my heart beating out my chest, my eyes are rolling everywhere, I’m seeing tracers when I close my eyes, and when I open them I get sick to the fact that I’m still tripping. I felt like I’ve gone to hell and back, I lost the concept of reality and time by this point, shits hitting the fan quick. To try and get myself back to reality and calm my nerves, I proceed to go get my phone, and FaceTime my friends, when one answers, I don’t know what to say, I’m FREAKING THE FUCK OUT, I’m just staring at him, and all he sees is a dark screen, with all my courage I then blurted the words out “I need help” in what he describes as the most terrified voice he’s ever heard. I’m literally quaking in fear at this point, need I remind you my parents aren’t literally within 15 feet away from me in the living room watching TV. So my friend on FaceTime is confused, cause after I said that I stayed mute for a while again, I had a bad feeling that if I spoke I was gonna end up screaming alerting my parents which is worst case scenario. So I’m literally losing my shit, only thing letting me know that I’m alive is that FaceTime call. Then my cousin joins the call after my friend texts him saying I’m losing my shit alone in my room off the eddies I ate. My cousin joins the call, and he starts asking me if I have food, water, etc, and guess what, nope I had nothing, zero, it was just me and my bed, and this FaceTime call. I then ask possibly the worst thing I could’ve after that, “yo how long has it been since I told you I was gonna take a nap” this kid tells me “bruh it’s been like 10 minutes”. Alright, so you’ve read to this point, a lot of shit has gone down, THIS WAS ALL LITERALLY IN THE SPAN OF 10 MINUTES, this is when all my alarms went off, I felt like crying, I genuinely thought I was dying. I couldn’t fathom that I would have to endure this for possibly another 2 hours (it was 8pm) until I knocked out. I start telling them how I need help, and how I’m gonna go to my living room and tell my parents that I need to go to the hospital, they’re laughing and telling me it’s gonna be okay, but no, every alarm has set off, it’s life or death at this point, I go through this any longer, shit was bad. I was about 5 seconds away from taking a fat shit on my life.

    You gotta understand, ima good kid for the most part, my family Knows it, I’m not perfect, far from it, but as far as they know, Ive never let my parents down with any drug use at all, these thoughts (thankfully) started setting in, and I realized there was no way I was gonna allow that. Ruin my rep for the rest of my life, not an option. So I convinced myself time was still passing, and it existed, I told my friend “if there’s one thing y’all can do, make sure I don’t get off my bed, keep me on my bed so I don’t do anything stupid” and I used them on the call as assurance that I was still alive and this was real. I then somewhat enter a calm state, I start giggling over my thoughts, and then fluctuate between calm trip, to a little anxiety as time goes by, again staying on FaceTime, using it as my literal lifeline at this point. Next thing I know, I wake up, it’s 4AM. I sit up, feel horrible, and then stand up to go grub on some snacks and down water, as soon as I stand straight, I sit back down, I have double vision, and it’s a constant sway on my body, like I was on a boat, best way I can describe it is being drunk off your ass. I wobble my way to the kitchen, get a cup of water, and it’s spilling everywhere cause I’m shaking a lot, I can’t keep still, but yeah, then I go back to nap for another 2 hours, get up for school, and back to my regularly scheduled life, but I can tell you I didn’t feel “right” until the next day. Something felt off, well a lot felt off, reality never really set in, I had no thoughts, just a empty vessel, it was really bad, I was also nauseous all day, and got chills whenever I thought about the experience, and I kept on question reality, I was honestly scarred.

    But yeah, that’s the most insane trip of my life, the day after I felt good again, took a blunt to the face, and felt the “good high” again, I honestly don’t ever want to experience something so intense, at least alone like that. Eddies can take a break for me, ill stick to inhaling the fumes of marijuana.

    I actually took a big positive out of that experience, I’m more confident in my mental, I honestly feel like most other people would’ve had a trip to the hospital, something I avoided, I stayed in my bed, and managed to control the crazy thoughts I was having. I can say that I have gained a lot of respect for that little plant, shit really had me in another universe.

    If you read this far into it, I hope you could visualize it for yourself, craziest shit I’ve ever experienced and it all happened on this very bed I’m laying on right now, at 3AM. Have a good one boys, I’m out. Also let me know if you’ve ever experienced anything remotely close to this, I’d love to hear it
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  2. A lot of typos reading this fully through now, nothing you shouldn’t understand, I just typed this mad quick right before I go to bed, again I’d like to hear you experiences or if you think I got laced, appreciate your time.
  3. It's called greening out. You got too high, and should have only eaten a bite of that cookie.
    I'd like to know who made that cookie and what they used. I've made edibles out of 99% THC liquid (legal state here) and felt NOTHING
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  4. For those of us that make and take edibles every day for pain control this is an all to likely event. This is why we recommend people go slow the first time or three.
    Shit can get very intense and the sensations come to fast at times.

    Daisy, we have to work on you. I know my Hash caps will do the trick for you in a high enough amount.
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  5. I found a blade in my town who makes them. I messaged him and asked if I could try one.
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  6. So crazy op i just posted a very similar story, not as much detail but i def tripped hard

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