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The trials of getting a dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 92Penguin, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Here is the (short version) story of me trying to get a solid dealer in Scotland.

    1. start smoking weed after a bonfire party, me and a few friends get in on a friend's (who's a dealer) joint.

    2. buy bag off said dealer, smoke all in one go, feel nothing. hurt inside :(

    3. talk with said dealer and get a decent bag off him

    4. use scales for next few bags. all of them less than what we bought.

    5. try other dealers in town, NONE OF THEM give decent weed, or the correct amounts. dream of pineapple express-esque dealers

    6. go to perth, chance meeting with old friend gives us a decent dealer (even if only for hash)
    6.5. buy weed off old friend, sickeningly ripped off. only get hash off him from then on

    7. while in new dealers house meet a *real* dealer, he seems legit.

    8. new dealer IS legit, happiness ensues :smoking:
    8.5. new dealer is chased out of country by fucking gypsies :eek: outta luck

  2. grow it yourself and be your own dealer
  3. 9- grew our own and got high azzz fuck.
  4. How hard is it to grow? i dont have that much spare time or room
  5. I'd recommend growing too. Check out some of the stickies in the grow guide. To be honest it's not all that hard, especially if you're only taking care of 2-3 plants. You really don't need much room either; a closet or cabinet would suffice.
  6. XD made my day.

    Yeah man not having a decent dealer sucks sometimes. I have one dealer who always gives me decent bags and dank, and I have another dealer who sometimes does, and sometimes shorts me. Most of the dealers around here sell wet weed that weighs twice as much as it does dry, but these two don't so eh.

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