the tree's dont look the same

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    ive taken acid in the past... but it was very occasional.. the occasional trip at a party/rave and shit. but recently some friends and i had a little binge... (tripped for multiple days at time.. not much sleep.. listened to a shit load of classical music and operas, which i have a new found respect/appreciation for..)

    its been a few weeks since... and honestliffy.. Trees look no different from when i was trippin' .. just im not on acid and i dont have the feelinmg/connection with the.. but they look no different.

    and its not just the trees... its buildings and architecture in general... cracks in the ground catch my attention.. when im reading.. the pages and words kinda shift around in my peripheal.. when i look at pictures shit kinda moves around... its kinda funky... the sky and clouds look different.. plants look different... even human beings. they dont physically look different.. but when im observing people its almost like i'm watching an animal...

    I'm feeling less like an earthling and feeling more like an alien visitor on earth...
    not sure if this is bad or good.. its weird and i dont really know how i feel about it.. im not trying to fry my brain...

    my friends were joking that we needed to take some shrooms to balance it out. HAH...

    anyway, i suppose i just want to know if these side effects will go away or lessen over time.
  2. Yeah, its probably something like minor HPPD effects, I get stuff like this a lot and can use it to enhance my highs and make them more trippy. Just chill for a bit, and it will slowly diminish.
  3. that reminds me... occasionally when i get SUPER keyed i pretty much have a mild acid trip... and it can be sorta intense at times when it comes unexpectedly
  4. yea thats happens when u do a lot of it over a short time, it will slowly fade away. Some people who do a ton of it tho have that permanently.
  5. it will fade. same kinda shit happened to me about a month ago, and i felt fine after about a week of sobriety.
  6. its been a few weeks... and the effects have not subsided at all

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