The Tree Perc - old tech?

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  1. On this forum, I see so many blades suggest that the tree percolator, successor to the dome, is dated technology. Now surpassed by gridded circs and things of the like. My question is to you tree-perc-naysayers is this: why do some of the biggest names in glass continue to incorporate tree percs in their most high-end line-up? Luke Wilson, any prodo double chamber tube or prodo bubbler by him. Sovereignty the Stem/8, Stem/12 and now the King/12, not mention countless bubs by him, but I don't think he makes bubblers anymore. And Toro (despite the fact I don't particularly support their work anymore) everything they make minus the three circ production pieces, the Circ/Circ, single Circ, and Circ T/C. My Point is, the tree perc seems to be alive and well, and is still included in the best functioning pieces available. I can understand a preference for a circulator perc, but for me you just can't say the tree perc will ever be old tech because it is such a high functioning piece of glass, I feel the hit it delivers can't be beat.
  2. I have an 8 arm perc and i absolutely love it. The one thing i notice somtimes is if the bong isnt on a flat surface either the front or back perc or 2 will get a little less bubbles/diffusion rate as the others. anyone else?
    does that effect it alot?
  3. imo tree percs can't be beat for the second chamber
  4. I have lots of trees and circ. pieces.. I even have one with a tree inside of a circ. lol. They're all good man, depends what you want. Trees are a little more airy, both offer more than enough diffusion though as compared to a downstem or dome perc. etc.
  5. i like my circ perc way more then my old tree percs. I had a 9 arm but it broke.

    My problem with tree percs is you have to hold them straight up or all arms wont work, and the ones i use has a LOT of drag.
  6. I have smoked out of a lot of bongs, but I still like mine the best because of the tree perc. I can't imagine purchasing a bong without one.
  7. i think my straight tube with my carbon filter is smoother then my 9 arm jellyfish perc.

    Thats just my option every one likes diff glass
  8. I don't think they are quite outdated, as long as they are made well. The old style that are just straight tubes with the only opening being the bottom (which I never see anymore) are outdated, but otherwise they are decent. The gridded trees are still fantastic. I would say that a properly made circ could offer much more diffusion than trees could in the same space, just because you would be able to put more slits in a showerhead.
    That being said, if you look at tubes like LW's 15+ arm trees then you are definitely not outdated, the way he arranges them so that they aren't in a circle, but instead they take up the whole bottom of the piece would probably be better than a circ taking up that same amount of space. However, if someone made a multi showerhead bubbler (same siz) it could be made to have even more diffusion, but then LW also makes showerhead style trees (vertical slits at the bottom) so that seems like it would be a great combo of both, leading to a ridiculously diffused hit.

    But, mostly I would say its just comes down to a different type of hit. The only way its outdated is if you want maximum diffusion, simply because there is no filtration happening in the gaps between the trees, and a showerhead has no gaps. (unless the trees are arranged without being in a hollow circle, like some of LW's, which also uses the center of the chamber to diffuse, where a shower head would only use a ring on the outside)
  9. ^^ well fuck someone knows there shit lol

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