The TrainWrecked The Church. CFLs and HPS

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    Whats going on everyone, welcome to my first online grow journal. With me today I have two seed (100% fem. GHS) that have split and been placed in plastic cups and an unknown strain clone. Below you will see the first stages of this grow that I had yet to put up; til now.


    Veg Room: 4 ft wide X 1 1/2 ft deep X 6 ft High
    Flower Room: squared in shape, 5ft long X 5ft wide X 10ft high

    Room Supplies:
    1 4ft P12 Flouro with 2x 42w daylight tubes
    4 Dual bulb (26w each CFL bulb) desk light with clips
    1 400w hps with cooling hood
    1 20in box fan
    1 10in circulating fan
    1 3in desk fan
    1 6in tube fan
    1 Emergency Blanket

    Plant Supplies:
    Neptune's Harvest Seaweed fert. (0-0-1)
    Alaska Fish fert (5-1-1)
    Super Thrive
    FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil
    Bat Guano (0-8-0)
    Distilled/Spring water mix

    Over the course of the last four day I germinated the seeds in a water mixture containing 1 drop Super Thrive(vitamins) and 6 drops Seaweed oil. Once they split (24 hrs later) I placed them into plastic cups with a 8:1 (soil/perlite) ratio and aprox. 2oz. (1/2 distilled, 1/2 spring) water and got a run off PH of 6.5 each cup. I then covered the cups using a clear plastic zip lock bag that I breathed into as my humi-dome.

    Monday the seeds sprouted but the shells were still attached, I was able to carefully remove the shell on the TW but not fully as there was a membrane of the shell attached to one of the pedals so I left that alone. And was unable to remove the shell from the CHR. Today I was able to remove both the membrane from the TW as well as the shell from the CHR. and both of my little ones are doing well.

    Today I added the clone to the family.

    Everyone is doing fine. Pictures to come

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom
  2. WHATS UP PEOPLE!!!! I just removed the plastic bag humi-dome covers from all of the plants, I will be watching them closely throughout the rest of the day to make sure they do not start to droop.

    I noticed the humidity was a little low in the closet so I took a damp towel and hung it up and then placed cup filled with distilled water next to the sprout cups and added a 3 inch fan also. already the humidity has risen.

    Will keep you all posted.

    The Phantom
  3. I GOT PIC's!!!!

    #1 Clone
    #2 The Church
    #3 Trainwreck
    #4 My Three Ladies
    #5 Fan Setup
    #6 Setup From Outside
    #7 Setup From Top
    #8 Temp

    Hope you enjoy... please comment away. Would love the support as this is my first grow.

    Thanks and Happy Growing
    The Phantom

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    I'm wicked stoned and thought this shit was funny so I'm posting it...

    A pic of some damp towels and bandanas to raise the humidity

    It was at like 26% with just the fan and some cups filled with water.
    Now that I added the towels and bandanas it is 40%

    I figure at this rate; if I mist my walls and keep my cloths damp. I should reach and stay at my wanted 50% humidity level eventhough optimal is 65%. thoughts?

    Happy Growing
    The Phantom

    Sorry for the sideward view.. it was the only way I could get it all in with my camera phone. laters

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    So I was able to reach my 50-55% Humidity level and keep it that way.:hello:

    stoned and bored so I'm throwing up more pics. for anyone new here this is a good/free way to raise your humidity levels. check out the pics.

    Pics 1,2 & 3 a hanger bar with damp shirts, towels, bandanas

    Pic 4 My temp... If you can see although it is hard in the first temp pic it was at 75 deg. but 26% humidity... I stablized my humidity at 9am this morning... wich means that it too me about 12 hours to double my humidity level and stablize (Awesome!!!)

    Pic 5 The ladies after I changed from my 4 footer Flouro pushing 84watts. to my dual action CFLs pushing out 56watts.

    Pic 6 The Trainwreck

    Pic 7 The Church

    Pic 8 The Clone

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  6. New Pics.

    #1 Trainwreck
    #2 The Church

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  7. yo phantom!!!!! i've seen you postin' all over the place and you look like you're doin it right man!!!

    give it a lil time and your shit's gonna be craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!:yay::yay::yay:

    good luck with the grow!!!


  8. Thanks Carlover!
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    Just look at that second set of leaves on my Church, HUBBA BUBBA!!!:D

    Pic 1 and 2 - The Church
    Pic 3 - Trainwreck
    Pic 4 - The Ladies

    whatcha guys think?

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  10. Hey bud looking good.
    Congrats on the first grow journal.
    Now subscribed.
  11. thanks for stopping by SmknVTEC, glad to see you're strapped in for this long and bumpy ride.

    It's sure to be a fun one :smoking:

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom

    Loved your thread on comparing soil! I have my plants on 24/7 from birth. and will for the next 3 weeks or so. later
  12. Thanks man. Yeah I am here for the long haul LOL
  13. Nice grow you got there, what are you using for reflection ?

  14. Thanks man... and thanks for stoppin by... currently I am using "Door Foil" for my veg room.. and either this week coming or next week (depending on when I get around to it :smoking:) I'm painting my walls "Ceiling White" walls in my flower room, but I have dark floors in both rooms to emulate a natural surrounding.

    Just a quick update, my TW is popping her second set of leaves out as we speak, my CHR is lookin as beautiful as a week old baby girl should. and the clone.. well.... she's there.... she's alive... lol

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom
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    Hey everyone, I know I just posted two days ago... but I'm new to growing so all of this is very exciting to me...

    Tonight I noticed that my roots were looking extremely lovely... So lovely, they were ready to move to their new/final homes :ey: So I mixed up a Big O’ Batch of soil/perlite (9:1) and potted it… watered the soil and got a run off of 6.6 for each pot.

    I kind of feel like a father who's twin daughters are graduating from grade school...
    :cry: my babies are growing up... haha
    Oh come on don't act like during your first grow you didn't feel like this...

    No matter how many hours you pour into reading post after post, thread after thread, watching video after video.... seeing everyone else’s foot long cola's, I mean shit man...
    I know I have 120 days or whatever left before mine look anything like what I've seen but fuck man I'm thrilled with what I have!

    Anyways.... That’s my update for today.

    Tomorrow my babies graduate and then the real fun begins...

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom

    Pics to come either tomorrow... or Friday!:bongin:
  16. What poppin GC!!!! I got some pic.s for ya...

    yesterday I transplanted my little ones to their final homes, a nice big O' 3 gallon pot. fed them a nice meal od 5 drops seaweed and 1 drop super thrive and got a runoff of 6.6 for both of them. Here are a few pics for ya'll. tell me whatha think.

    Pic 1&2 The Church
    Pic 3&4 Trainwreck

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom

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  17. Are you with me in this ? Growing is addicting even thou that I wont grow again after I learn with this one I want to keep going and going, I'm like the Energizer Bunny "Keep going, Keep going" lol

  18. Right... yeah man I'm with you. Growing is definately fun.

    why aren't you going to continue growing after this? :confused:

    The question is not to grow or not to grow...:devious:

    To pay for bud or never to pay for bud again, that is the question...:D
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to grow or suffer
    The spending of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
    And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,
    No more; and by a sleep to say we end
    The heart-ache of spending so much money on bud!:bongin:

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom

  19. My Bad Man I didn't explain myself in the right way, I mean that I will contu=inue growing if I learn really good, am with you why pay fro something you can grow ur self, but I can't start another growing not after the ladies are done with the box !

  20. WORD! ok... yeah i definately misunderstood you there.... right on I hear that.. but then if you think about it... lets say you get like an oz a plant... grow 3 plants get 3oz's every 4 months... fuck that bro, can't go wrong!!!

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