The trailer park boys

Discussion in 'General' started by glass_girl420, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. BEST............SHOW..............EVER!!

  2. yes, seen every ep. great show.
  3. yep, i'm a huge fan.

    bubbles is da man!
  4. Fantastic show.

    Season 6, eps 1 and 2 are on the torrent sites already. I think eps 2 is supposed to air this weekend, but somehow someone got advanced copies of both of them like a month ago.

    Thank god they sell the DVDs in the US, otherwise the FCC would never let us see it!
  5. I watch this show quite a bit, One of my favourts.
  6. never heard of it.... perhaps i'll start watching

  7. It's a good show. Basically it's just about three petty criminals living in a trailer park. Sounds really lame, but it's not, just because the characters are so out-there. Ricky-isms (the words he pronouces wrong, like "I fucking toad a sow!" and "Jah-lap-in-oh chips") are pretty funny, plus they swear like sailors which, for me, is really funny when I'm high.
  8. I can honestly say, this is my favorite show on TV

    "Well if i can't swear and smoke, then i'm fucked!"
  9. I love TPB, SO fuckin funny when your baked haha...

    On another topic, Where are you from glass_girl? im hamilton ontario..
  10. I'm telling ya, There are a bunch of people from the GTA on these boards, somebody should organize a get-together.
  11. I haven't seen this either but I will be checking it out for sure! So glad there are so many seasons that I can watch (commercial free).
  12. Lol a guy I know from Bigeman park (most Ont people probably know it, ) looks almost exactly like julian lol, Bigeman is a trailer park for those that haven't heard of it
  13. if youre from canada, im sure you watch it. what a fucking great show. cant wait for the movie.

    was talking to my cousin about it a year or two ago, and he had never heard of it. (hes from portland.)
  14. This thread made me get ripped and watch TPB for almost 4 hours. I was almost late for work and was wrecked for the first half of my shift.

    It kicked ass!
  15. I love this show, I am currently living in Kitchener and relocating soon. We are browsing the mls listings trying to find a new homestead, somewhere on the east coast{no trailer parks though}lol, this is one of the reasons I don't come here as often, I got a job{blahhhhhhh}. Things are crazy mad in my life at the moment. Peace to all!:smoking:

  16. wow, sounds seriously like my life, I live on a farm, but am ALWAYS at my two friends houses, larry, and damon, and they live in trailor park and were always fighting with the TPP, trailer park posee lol, punk ass bitches that think there a gang haha its hilarious! lol


    You'll get it when you watch the show :)
  18. The movie came out before season one. It was the pilot for the series. Is there another one coming out?

    Here's a better link for those who want to watch it.

    I've been to Bingeman's!
  19. That's not the movie, it's jut the pilot episode.

    The movie is called The Big Dirty and it comes out this summer.


    You know what's unfortunate about TPB, and probably it's only flaw. There's NO consitency in the history. One time they said Randy had been trailer park assistant for 15 years, another time they show Randy meeting Ricky for the first time (Season 1, Eps 1), and a third time they show (in the Xmas special) Randy becoming assistant a few years before the first eps. They say in the xmas special that julian and ricky and bubbles knew each other from when they were kids, yet according to IMDB the new movie is about how they meet Bubbles for the first time. There's a ton of details like that that seem to change on the spot from season to season. It's not a *big* deal or anything, but if you ever watch the entire series in a row, you'll notice a ton of things like that.

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