the towns dry!

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. my son went to town and there was nothing any where not even a gram dudes were talking dry !he comes back and here me and bad taod are smokeing belladonna and g13xhp -twphr clone leafs were all shit faced and i just pick a few leafs to hold us off ! i am fried dudes ,we all are but i cant help the town if anyone finds out i got some plants they'll want some and i cant do it these plants are for breeding and ive picked the bad leafs off and thats it ! i got 5-6 jionts and thats it dudes ,i remember when i was one of those poor boys that could not find any even haveing money dose not help when the towns dry ! thank god i was tryen to get my breeders in line for the breeding or i would have jioned these poor souls in the land of the dry !what can anyone do
  2. are towns always dry lately. Theres been weeks on end without smoke. It really sucks i hope things get better.
  3. ha pa whats up dude i all ways had to go with out now i dont most of time but i lost 2/3 of my grow and had to start over ,but i got 1000 hps on 3 gals for breeding stock right now !or i would be with out my self dude ! belladonna from seeds , 2 g13xhp-twphr clones, rare babys! dude there the base for my new strain ,bella's waiting for navellie haze pollen, and g13 x bw is waiting for the g13xhp-twphr to get ready so i am just waiting ,but i got ak-47 F2's and cant start them yet !i wish i had a few plants other than my breeders stock !i toped the bella in to two main cola and i am going to pollen one side with g13xbw and the other with navellie haze pollen ,just for fun ,good luck tazz11
  4. these guys aint dry !lol

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  5. ya guys gotta move closer to a city!!
  6. i would if i could pick up my 173 acer farm and move it ! lol
  7. its nice being out in the middle of nowhere, i haven't seen a cop in a few months
  8. haha, its never dry around here, theres always somthin but its been skimpy around here with sacs, im talkin like 6 gram quarters for 30 bucks thats fuckin ridiculous, so ive been sober for the past couple days :|
  9. I heard if you whine enough about it on internet forums the town will have weed again. lol j/k man
  10. well i pay $30 an 8th, and there like 3 grams so i wish i was gettin 6. I had to pay 35 the other day and it had seeds, now i'm dry again and outta cash.
  11. bummer guys...I just got a fat O from my hookup just a few days ago....Have you tried eating lots of nutmeg or drinking robitussin?
  12. yeah well dont bitch about a 30 dollar quarter cuz i pay 50 an eighth :(

    I know at least 20 dealers and noone is cheaper than that, i got a few friends that will hook it up, but damn we're getting the screwjob around these parts. Its outrageous to pay fifty dollars for a little bag of plant matter....ugh
  13. sounds like he's paying 30 an eighth of middies, though...wack shit. I pay 40 an eighth for high grade dro, purple haze, silver haze, bubblegum, AK, Kush, and other killer from humboldt. I got the hook up

    when my town goes dry it's good for me, because I always have weed. Last weekend the whole town was dry and I had an ounce...sold it in like 30 minutes and then my good source who doesn't go dry got me another two ouncez
  14. well if ya really are a reefer fiend. (Like myself)

    The two best alternatives to pot are

    codeine cough syrup (or 'tussin)

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