the town

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  1. best movie of the year

    go see it
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    Not exactly the best movie of the year. But it is very intense with a very good ending. I'll say it's one of the top 3 best movie of the year. :p (Inception, the town and scott pilgrim vs the world)

    Ben did a great job directing the movie AND writing the movie. Mad props to him for doing a lot of work on this film. He deserve a global movie award.
  3. been waiting to be able to download this for so long

  4. Dude, just go buy it. It is worth the money.
  5. No way im waiting till it comes out on dvd. And my movie theater is a fuckin highway robbery something like $10 bucks a ticket.
  6. dude the town is unreal i love that movie i cant wait till it comes out on dvd
  7. It was a good movie but damn Ben Affleck almost ruined it with that sap sap behavior you either soft or hard not both some scenes were actually painful to watch but he pulled it off in after all and in the the end it was a pretty good movie
  8. :confused: You'd rather have the main character be one-dimensional?

  9. You can't have the cake you're eaten once its eaten only once its returned to you in shit form but its not the same cake now is it?
  10. I dunno if I'm too high to understand that sentence...or maybe you're too high to write a coherent sentence...or maybe both

    But anyways I don't see why you're so opposed to character development in a movie
  11. Shit was gangsta

  12. What character development lol /thread the guy from hurt locker had more character development than affleck that shit was a straight rip from publicenemies now that i think about it but affleck was a softer delicate hands version of johnny depp in that admit it. Not saying it it was a bad movie it was a good move overall but the main character failed when it came to personal life aspect because he gave off the persona of someone who doesn't get their hands dirty and is mostly likely gonna be tossed around in his first night at the pen. True story
  13. good verion out now

    saw it again still my favorite of the yr
  14. thank you sir, i look and now i cant find which one would be best to download
  15. I watched this movie last night.. It was half decent.. I wouldn't say best movie of the year...

    But i will say there haven't been too many GREAT movies this year.
  16. if this movie aint about Oakland i dont even know no mo mayne

    some bay cat will know what im talkin about
  17. I have not watched it yet, but I have heard so many good things for this movie. So, I m very interested to watch it.
  18. I m totally agree with you, it was a full action packed movie with crime,drama and thriller and I really enjoed this so much.
  19. I love The Town. I think it's easily one of Affleck's best. He's hit-or-miss, but if he has a solid script to work with, he usually does a pretty good job. I thought the casting was spot-on and it was really well paced and suspenseful. I don't think it's the best movie of the year, but it's definitely Top 5.

    Top 5 for the year, for me, would be Inception, Toy Story 3, The Town, The Runaways and most likely Black Swan when I finally do see it.

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