the touch of love and pain?

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  1. i know its 4:59 in the morning but here i am setting here typeing away,i was sleeping beside my wife till my hand touched her arm,see this is where it take a turn on the twilight zone ,i am a faither heeler, what was a loveing touch to her ,i saw a cancer ,i can feel it there and see it in my minds eye! she ask me not to tell her if this happens ,it has happened before! ill hold my words ,but shell know somethings up!me at 5:06 in the morning,a great gift at times, other times a great berdone! sleep tight people ,i wont sleep again tonight!tazz11
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  2. its called laying of hands and yes most of the time it well work ,it works best if i realy feel the person is in pain! some how my subconscious takes over and try to direct my aurora to flow threw my hands to the sorce of pain! i dont know why it works just that it dose!not all the time but most and i some times draw the pain into my self and than my aurora can fight it off in time with out the person being in pain!it has left me in the hospital a few dozen times but i still try to help the ones i can! as for the snow its all little and far between so far!good luck tazz11
  3. A gift of healing is a very rare gift . I have known a man who has that gift. It's remarkable to see him use it. I have seen him pass out after he uses it!

    Have a great day to ya Tazz and Critter!!
  4. your very right bud head its like working back to back night shifs!it takes me hrs some times days to get over it!you are very luck to knew him ! i know 3 people with gifts and were all try to help other as a gift no money ,this is worth far more than what in ones pockets! good luck and have a great day man!tazz11
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  5. i have healed many in the last few years ,two from death !one with a broken hip and one with a heart attack! two dose sound like a lot but if you knew them it would! they both love me to this day one 89 year old woman moved on to our farm to be near me!she has beaten the odds so far! and she knows it was me !i do to ,the other one is 75 and her doctor said i saved her life he said i dont know how you did it but she has had a bad heart attack and by all rights she should be dead !he dosent know what keeped her alife!she brings me bake goods all the time,whats bad is she well call me and i live 7 miles up the road and her family lives next door!i love just to see them smile ,they are both good people and share with other each day of there lifes! and no i dont do head colds!lol
  6. Us smokers are dreamers
  7. if you have this great talent to see these things
    eventhough your wife dont what to here it i think maybe a trip to the docter might come in handy.
    best wishes to you and your wife
  8. Same here, you and your wife are in my prayers. Hopefully the doctor finds nothing, if she goes.
    Take care! :)~
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  9. for many years i try to just pay no care to it ,then i was working on a case ,it was the ace in the hole it save a little girls life and my failer to not trust it almost cost me mine! i set here knowing your right 98 % of the time ,the sad thing is i am in that few 2%,i wish at times you were right .good luck tazz11
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  10. the soreness is starting ,her job has a dr,visit comeing up ,its comeing, sadness i can feel it like a storm comeing ,i pray ...alot
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    You two still married?
  12. prayers going out to you
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    We're all going to die, that's inevitable. Looking at it from that standpoint, don't you think your faith healing powers are fairly cruel? It's just postponing the inevitable. In a way, you're also responsible for whatever happens to the people you heal, because if you hadn't healed them they would've died. But since you healed them, they're out in the world doing things that otherwise wouldn't have happened. Like if you heal Bob Jackson and he goes out and murders a theater full of people 3 years later, you're the one who's responsible for that. If you hadn't healed Bob, then he never would've been around to murder a theater full of people. Or you heal some little kid from Leukemia and he grows up to be the next Hitler or Pol Pot, you did that. If you hadn't interfered he would be dead and there'd be no problem,
    If I had that 'gift' I'd be selling $5 million healings to the Illuminati.

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