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The Totem Pole.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by twigggyyy, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. My new favorite way to smoke. I get stoned off my ass from one bong rip. By Totem Pole I mean smoking a blunt through my bong. Instead of throwing in the roach, I seem to get 100% more stoned by smoking my entire blunt through my bong,

    Have you guys tried this? What do you think about it? I get SO MUCH HIGHER from the Totem Pole.
  2. I've done that with joints before, but not blunts. I would think that the tip of the blunt wouldn't stick well in the little hole, like the tip of a joint does. That is, unless your bowl doesn't hold up your blunt, and you or a friend is holding it up for you. With joints, you can poke one end in the hole of your bowl, and it will stand up perfectly on its own.

    Or am I missing something here? :confused:
  3. I do it with joints. I just put the joint in first then fill around with weed. When joint gets low enough will catch bowl bud on fire. :D
  4. Good idea. I've never done it that way before.
    Making mental note: Poke joint in hole, then pack bowl with weed. :smoke:
  5. hell yeah bro. When you take that huge ass bong rip off a blunt its amazing. I used to do that shit all the time when Id blaze with friends. We could have a blunt between 3 people, everyone taking 1 huge rip in rotation from the bong. And we would all be pretty stoned.
  6. But how is this accomplished? What holds the blunt in place? Gravity, another person, the one pulling from the bong? Surely, a blunt won't stand up like a joint does. Now, I have broken up my blunt roaches and packed my bowl with that, but I think we're talking about something different here. :confused:

    You see, gang? Even a long time smoker has questions. True stoners should always be eager to learn. :smoke:
  7. i dont get it, how would it be any different than just packing a bowl in the bong?
  8. Creative man! Haha.

    Well the "pole" of weed will let you keep hitting it, without having to continually repack the bowl. I assume the hit you get from the bong will also be a lot bigger than just puffing on the blunt. Personally I would just pack the bong :D
  9. Sounds pretty cool actually. :smoke:
  10. i havent done that in forever. We used to see how long we could keep the ash on there for, but my buddies girlfriend kept knocking it off so we said fuck it

  11. I understand why you are confused. Here is how it works.

    You need the right kind of bowl piece. Not a round heady slide. The cheap, 7 dollar bong slides that are clear glass and have a huge hole and a triange shape. Cannot give diameters bc Idk them. But most stores that sell cheap china glass will definately have the right bowl piece for a blunt.

    They look like this. The blunt will fit into the hole snugly and will rip great. The blunt will not bend over or fall out. Nobody has to hold it.

    Usually, you cut the blunt in half, and smoke half of it at a time( you get better hits like this, common sense)

  12. i done it before it was fun and cool works pretty good too
  13. rebirth
  14. I could see this being cool and all, it'd sound like fun.

    I'm just curious, since I read this on another thread. When you smoke through a bong, the water absorbs some of the thc. Also, you don't get all of the thc when just smoking a blunt. So wouldn't this make it lose more thc, since it's going through technically 2 places where it loses thc?

    Or is this just about taking the big hit. Or am I really that far off?

    Please explain.,
  15. ^^ your far off. You dont loose thc when you smoke a blunt. It may burn more and you may waste a tiny bit more bud, but you still get the same amount of thc.

    And the point of doing this is....The weed will last longer espically when in a group. Pass the blunt around in a bong... Everyone gets 1 huge rip. Pass. Makes it different and imo a bit better. You get to smoke huge rips from the blunt, insted of taking small hits.
  16. I have done it, and do like it, but I always wonder "why the fuck am I smoking paper when I could just load the bowl"

  17. Dxm just said why dude :laughing:
  18. So is it like this?
    Cause this seems like a fan-fucking-tastic idea.
    Can you do it with joints?

  19. what is THAT???? ^

  20. Art, MS Paint style.

    Is it right though?

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