The TORO Thread!

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  1. This is the thread designated to TORO appreciation, TORO pics, TORO vids...pretty much all things TORO

    So, what kind of Toro do you have? How much do you like compared to your other pieces? How often do you use your Toro... anything you wanna post about toro, put it in this thread.

    I personally just bought a Circ/Circ and I think it delivers the best rip of all my pieces, its a beautiful piece of glass and I think it was worth every dollar.

    Now its your turn:D
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    Im gonna add pics if my Toro whenever I get home today, but until then let's see some milks or something
  3. I really really wish I had a Toro. I will definitely get one eventually, mark my words!
  4. I WANNA TORO CIRC/CIRC SO BADLY. but thats alot of money...
  5. this thread is useless without pics or vids so here ya go


    First rips out of this beast by me and my homie. Watch them in High Def 1080p

    [ame=]YouTube - TORO Circ/Circ/Circ[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - TORO triple Circ setup[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - The Fifth[/ame]
  6. Heres a few pics of my new TORO and ive got a vid on the way

  7. Here's the first rip out of my toro

    [ame=]YouTube - First rip out of the new TORO Circ/circ[/ame]
  8. lovin the toros i found a single circ mini its only bout 10-11 in tall has anyone seen or hear about them i one i found is going for 325 is that to much?
  9. Nice rip DjPurpleDoja420. Looking forward to seeing where this thread goes!
  10. ha i got a circ / circ white label on 420. yup best tube ever. period...[​IMG]
  11. haha fucking around with the cannon and the toro

    [ame=]YouTube - BONG HIT [HD][/ame]
  12. Where can I get one online?
  13. Aqua Lab Technologies my friend.
  14. Ah man that toro is fucking beautiful man! That a pong table i spot in the back?
  15. yea we play pong on that table lol... Toro makes good work i hope to get a circ a/c soon
  16. damn bro. those toros are some tight ass peices
  17. No 7/13 love?

  18. The vid befor i messed with it.. milks so quick, i dont think u can get better
    switch that to 720p (i hate nicki minaj)

    [ame=]YouTube - TORO RIP[/ame]
  19. that cloud was f'n intense
  20. DUDE those 7 / 13 get crazzzzzzy when they diffuse milk:rolleyes: through all the down arm tree percs

    so ill give ya a props on yours looks nice

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