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The times they are a changing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by t p k, May 26, 2010.

  1. So I'll admit back in high school I bought all of the propaganda about weed and was all anti-drug and shit until I met my college roomie who used to blaze all the time and was a 4.0 genius and a productive member of society. This changed my entire view, and Ive been smoking regularly for about a year now, but still considered myself a newb...definately not a "stoner".

    That changed this past weekend: We were out at my buddys house where we blaze (his dad knows and doesn't give a fuck as long as we're outside) and me and 2 dudes Ive blazed with before hit 4 medium sized bowls of decent mids. They proceded to act like the biggest douchers when we got done...I was seriously like "holy shit they are retarded".

    The point Im making is I just realized that Im a little bit deeper into this "scene" than I thought I was, and ofcourse I was pondering all of this when I was fucked up. but has anyone else had this realization that they are now the veteran of the circle. Like the kid who always smoked us out at first, I correct him on shit now...kind of blew my mind.
  2. I think everyone realizes this at some point, congrats on finding it out earlier than later. And welcome to appreciating the herb.
  3. "Mature" stoner :D...I like that.
  4. Yeah man, I started smoking weed after I witnessed a good friend of mine through observation;

    He held a full time job, full time school in fashion designing, and had a little fashion company going on. He was a full time weed smoker with a blunt usually in his mouth.

    I was like dam....weed isnt so bad :)
  5. #5 Newtoke, May 26, 2010
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    I know PLENTY of people who smoke cigarettes and have done great for themselves economically. Lets all follow their lead and smoke cigarettes.

    edit- Dont get me wrong, im not trying to take away from the OPs thread. Its just that whole theory of if they can do it and do good in life, so can I, isn't really the way it works.
  6. hey man I still get straight up stupid when me and my good friends smoke together.

    It's called havin fun. Nothing wrong with it
  7. Man i JUST reached the same point as you...i came to the realization that

    1) I smoke more than i led on and tell ppl
    2) Im no longer ashamed to tell ppl that i smoke weed, im not going ot personally get into a stereotypical argument about how "weed is safer than alcohol" cus i feel like i dont have to defend myself. I've ccome to appreciate weed for what it is.

  8. Thats a dumbass comparison *sigh*
  9. I know what you mean, so many uneducated people around here. I learn very fast, i was on gc before i started blazing every day and learned more than what most peple know about trees who had been blazing for awhile before i had ever bought a sack.

    I cant even get stoned with people anymore without somehow getting into weed facts, not that i just spew useluess info, but i can really surprise people in a convo.

  10. I understand that weed is exponentially safer and healthier then cigarettes, but its the idea not the materialistic items i mentioned in my example.
  11. Yeah. I realised this shit. I've become the dude who introduced so many people to weed (partly because my parents always leave me with a free house) and the one who educates himself about it.

    I know shit about it that makes me seem like some weed genius compared to some of the retards I hang around with when I blaze. I always enter into ridiculously intellectual conversations while stoned with dudes that don't seem to give a fuck other than to get the giggles from the stuff. Annoys me sometimes. Some of them still believe the fuckin government propaganda despite smoking the stuff. God damn. Feel like I may need to adjust my social circle....
  12. That wasn't his point he was trying to make. He was saying that most often weed does not ruin people's lives and make them completely unmotivated like the Reefer Madness ideas which many people still believe. Cigarettes have never been accused of ruining people's productivity and motivation, just of causing cancer and many other diseases. Which still isn't good obviously, but you get the point, I hope.
  13. .... the point is tobacco doesn't have a 'stupid stoner' stigma too it
  14. You're all right, sorry.
  15. Don't sweat it, you just misinterpreted the post. :)
  16. I think im mature about my weed. but I still tell people I only do it once in a while because around here smoking weed= drop out loser

    I gotta keep my image up, and I cant stand smoking with people that act like retards or dicks. Maybe once I start college i can change that

  17. Exactly, he is talking about the materialistic idea not the idea itself.
  18. lol nvm, didnt see you said sorry. lol wow your pretty cool...
  19. i was against it but always wanted to try it for the hell of it. then i found out my mom secretly smokes (but she dousent like me doing it) and i was like fuck it lol. loved it ever sence
  20. Yea man, it's great. At one time, I was a noob, and my friends who had been smoking for a long time showed me the ropes. Now I am a ganja guru to some of my other friends.

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