The time I shit in the shower.

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  1. I was super stoned one night in the shower, it was 2:30 on a school night too. I thought I had to fart but when I let it go it wasnt a fart. I was giggling so hard from the fart(the immaturity of a stoner), I didnt hear the diarrhea hit the floor. it landed in the part where water wasnt hitting so it stayed there. I was washing my hair when I thought "what the fuck smells like shit?". I turned around and saw the melted chocolate that was my dinner. I was totally jeffin(synonym for sketching) and just about puked. I started screaming "oh my god" at the top of my lungs and my mom came and knocked on the door and said "what is happening in there?" I said I shit in the shower. Fun night when you have to clean up shit three hours before school.
  2. Ya sometimes when I get real blazed I feel like Im about to shit myself and I gotta keep checking to make sure I didnt. I usually smoke in the woods and if I think about it to much I'm just like fuckin I gotta shit now. So I have all these cool techniques for shitting in the woods. I'm pretty fuckin good at it like I can comfortably shit wherever I want.
  3. I was so high in church one time I was convinced that I shit myself hahaha
  4. I've had that sensation before too. Lol. Maaaaaaad awkward.
  5. just be thankful you didn't shit your pants in class
  6. [quote name='s3v loves you']I was so high in church one time I was convinced that I shit myself hahaha[/QUOTE
    ya I can see that I think it happens when you get high and sit in one place for too long your ass gets numb and feels like you shit all over yourself haha
  7. Lol I'm gonna try that out tomorrow
  8. Wow, cool story, Bruh....

  9. I remember one of the first hikes I went on...

    It was still March or April and a few friends talked my brother and I into going hiking behind the Univerity of Utah. The hills seemed pretty clear of snow but as we started climbing the snow got deeper and deeper up to nearly 2 feet. Majority of everyone wanted to reach the peak so we kept going and I wasn't about to back down.. The slow ascent made my feet so cold:(, once we reached the peak I didn't even want to smoke because at the time weed would fuck me up for like 6 hours.:smoke: And I definitely needed my focus for this climb.

    Anyways as we start going down (already getting dark), I had to take a shit soo bad it was ridiculous. One of my good friends luckily gave me his ragged old hoody to wipe my ass with at the top of snow mountain. He had another hoodie with him so it wasn't all bad;).

    So after my glorious shit we kept going down and it was pretty dark by then. The speed of the hike going down kept my feet warm even though we were walking a path covered in mud, snow, slush 6 inches deep most of the time.. Sometimes only a foot wide :eek:, probably ONE of the dumbest things I have done, albeit unwillingly.

    tl;dr Don't follow your friends on a 4 hour hike with 2 hours sunlight in 2 ft of snow.

    P.S. On the bright side, I pretty much lead most of the hikes I go on now, sometimes even bouldering (only 10 foot drops between climbs so not too extreme) :smoke:

    To the OP: Yea I definitely felt like I had shit or pissed my pants during the early days of smoking. Used to lose the senses at times or maybe just not understand them when I was high as a kite.:smoking:
  10. I think you and NorCalPiff would get along quite well.
  11. pukin and shittin for days yooo
  12. Farting, alone, in the shower sucks man, it's like a gas chamber. I can only imagine shitting in there..

  13. Haha that reminds me of when a group of friends and I hiked the dog lake trail, it was nothing but snow the whole way up. I fuckin sucks hiking in snow that it up to your waist.
  14. what a shitty thread... :rolleyes:

  15. well,shit.....
  16. haha i know someone that did this. he was drunk as shit
  17. Don't trust a fart bro
  18. What a shitty thing to say....:rolleyes:
  19. Quite a shituation you got yourself into :cool:

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