The time I got stoned with my Boss, Dad, & Co-Workers

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    Figured I would tell the story of when I got stoned with my Dad, boss, and co-workers.

    About 6-8 months ago my boss decided that we should have a department get together. We work at a property management company and do maintence. I work in the office and my dad is a maintenance technician.

    So my boss decides that we should go play a round of frisbee golf and have some beers. We show up and start playing and he busts out a 24 pack of beer and we start slamming them. After we get into the back 9 he whips out a joint about the size of a hot dog and we start passing it around. Here I am smoking with my dad whom I have never smoked before, my boss, and three other co-workers after a couple of beers and we are hucking a frisbee around trying to get it into the hole. It was some pretty funny stuff, never thought I would find myself in that position.

    Then we drove over to a bar and got more drunk while playing some ping pong. Good times, good times lol.
  2. cool story bro
  3. I know my boss smokes but she's just such a bitch I wouldn't want too
  4. thats some cool shit bro

  5. I'm not an Instagram fiend that posts pictures of me smoking on Facebook, so sadly no pictures:smoking:
  6. Hahaha that's awesome dude
  7. Sounds like it was a good time. My co-workers are fucking weirdos, not smoking them out anytime soon
  8. That sucks, how are they weirdos? Lol
  9. Ones 40 year old mom that talks to herself constantly, another is a guy that reminds of the guy from 40 year old virgin mixed wit the main character of Pineapple Express, and lastly is a guy in his twenties that's your stereotypical comic con nerd. I hate working in fast food lol.

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