The time I asked a random stranger in Atlanta for marijuana.

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  1. Since a lot of Blades on here keep asking for a "new hook" or "new dealer" or tips on how to find weed in a new city, here's my story....
    About 4 years ago, my company sent me on Warped Tour for 2 weeks to work at our company's booth. 
    When I first got to my first location (St. Petersburg, FL), I literally went booth to booth asking any of the vendors if they could hook up some bud. But of course, being one of the only asians at Warped Tour, and also being a new face to all the vendors, nobody said shit as they all probably thought I was a narc.
    So then we breakdown our booth and pack our van at 5pm and went on our way to Atlanta, GA.
    We got to Atlanta 7 hours later at around midnight, and by this time me and my coworker are very desperate for bud. We were staying at the Hilton in downtown Atlanta, and I noticed a lot of shady black people walking around. So I walked out the hotel lobby and chilled in front of the hotel on the sidewalk casually smoking a cigarette waiting for another "shady" black guy to walk by. And then it happens..
    A seemingly homeless guy walks toward me asking for a cigarette. I told him i'll trade for some bud. Then he gets all excited saying that his friend has some and is right around the corner inside a strip club. So my coworker and I agree to follow him around the corner, and there it is. The nastiest, shadiest strip club i've ever seen. The homeless guy tells us to wait across the street while he goes in to grab his buddy.
    Me and my (white) coworker wait, getting kind of nervous at the whole situation, when 5 HUUUUGE black guys walk out of the strip club with the homeless guy. As they stare in our direction, the homeless guy walks across the street back to our side and hands us a gram of shit and says "$60". My coworker says "fuck that!" loud enough for the 5 huge guys across the street to hear and shit just got real.
    "WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAY NIGGA!? YOU BETTER FUCKING PAY UP!" as they kept inching closer and closer to us.
    My coworker quickly grabbed the gram and threw a balled up $60 at the homeless guy and ran for his life back to the hotel around the corner. I was still just standing there not knowing if i should fight or flight, but ended up casually walking away. 
    Funny thing is, when we got back to the hotel, we told our other coworker what happened, and all he heard was "STRIP CLUB" and he took off to get some lap dances. That one ended up getting his wallet stolen by one of the strippers.
    Anyways, the lesson of this story is, don't be a bitch about finding or asking for weed. Just ask and maybe you'll have a story to tell like I did. lol

  2. Did you explain to your coworker after that the option was to buy the weed or run, not both?
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  3. smh, you're one lucky fucker.
  4. Prohibition, the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. Reminds me of every single time I tried to score anything in Atlanta lol. I go down there once a year or so and I almost always come back with stories of a sketchy situation like that. Nothing major last time but there was this dude in midtown who asked me and my friend for $20 and we said no but he kept following us around asking for stuff like if we had credit cards or if he could show us to the gas station to get him some beers. We eventually stopped and just told him he isn't getting shit and to go bug some other white people (people prey on suspected tourists there and if you can make them think you are from ATL you have a better chance). Anyways he was like "THA FUCK YALL GO'N DO?" and we just kinda laughed and reminded him he isn't getting shit from us.
    Ironically I was in ATL for Warped Tour that time, I hate Warped btw. I got to go for free because I drove to down ATL haha. No big deal since it is a 3 hour trip.
    There is one thing I have learned from going there throughout my life... Don't fuck around in Atlanta or you can get into a bad situation in no time. I have had several close calls there that were much more serious than a homeless black dude getting aggressive (which I am used to at home as well).
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    One time i was in target and this asian guy approached me and was like, hey can you hook me up with bud? He worked there LOL

    I looked at him like this!
    :blink: WTF?

    I tripped out like, where do i have a sign that says i got weed?

    So im at a thrift store half a year later.

    Same dude approaches me SUPER sketch and was like, yo man, you got bud? Im standing next to some woman who gives me a disgusted look.

    I just stepped away and ignored him. He followed me.

    Finally i turned to him and gave him some fake digits then split.
    Tripped me out to no end.

    Was that guy you OP?
    haha. shake your head all you want. was it stupid? yes. was it risky? yes. was it dangerous? maybe. was it worth it? hell yea! the bud wasn't worth it, but the experience was :)
    yea definitely learned never to do that again in Atlanta. The coworker who went to get lap dances almost got himself killed when he kept on accusing the stripper, employees and bouncers of being thieves for stealing his wallet. He's also one of those belligerent drunks, so that didn't help.
    well, if you look anything like your avatar, then yea, your face screams "I HAVE WEED".
    sadly, it wasn't me. but then again, we all rook arike.
  10. If the stripper didn't rob him than it was very likely somebody else would have and it could have gotten much uglier. That city can be incredibly sketchy at times. I had to learn the hard ways about what parts to avoid at all costs haha.
    it definitely was the stripper. 
    I didn't mention it before, but this guy went to the strip club by himself. He sat down, and then strippers started to sit on his lap, but he told them to go away, hoping for some hotter strippers (there were none). Apparently, sitting on someone's lap is considered a lap dance in ATL, so they ask him to pay up, at which point he stands up, says fuck you and walks out.
    When he got back to the hotel, he tells us his story when he realizes his wallet is missing. Then he realized that one of the strippers robbed him, so he went back to the strip club in full rage mode. lol. bad move. 
  12. Lol, yeah i am a big hairy monster lol

    And my face looks surprised a lot :lol:
  13. I should have rephrased my last post haha. I meant that he was lucky it was the stripper and not something else. Although getting robbed by a stripper is just one of those things that happens down there and there is nothing that can stop it. Most of the strip clubs are a joke and there is only one or two legit ones in the whole city. I would know, last time I was there I asked a drunk black chick where the strip clubs were after my friend gave her a few cigarettes. We were joking but she actually was cool enough to tell us what to avoid haha.
  14. Man I hate trying to score some weed. I would try the doorman, maintaince people. The bottom of the totem poll workers, Service workers at the hotel.
    Its not atlanta and all but I remember when I was in the eight grade i was walking around Philadelphia checking out the liberty bell and independence hall and shit when these two little black kids tried to rob me. They were really short and had to jump up to try and punch me. At the time i was laughing at them. I wanted to swat them away, but they were little kids Now that I think about it, Phili is a fucked up place lol

  15. I always try to avoid the sketchers, especially after this one time in a park in my hometown. There's a monument where a lot of homeless people hang out and smoke joints, just publicly and out in the open. So one time, my buddy goes up to one of them and asks for some bud, and the guy looks at him, and says, "I gotchu". So he pulls out the bud and all of the sudden, every other homeless dude is fighting over the sale. They end up beating each other up, and eventually some other guy ended up slinging him the weed while the others were attacking each other. I mean, It was actually really dank, but it was a super sketchy situation. I avoid dealing with shades now haha.
  16. ... Yeah, I learned real quick that asking people in large cities if they know where to score some bud is a bad, bad idea. 
  17. I was so hoping for the alternative ending...

  18. I've got some friends from Philly and some of the shit they said that happens was crazy like middle schoolers stealing cars and shit haha
    what happened? in what city?
    i can ask strangers all day in LA without any worries, but learned I shouldn't do that in ATL or NY.
  20. It's east coast as well, maybe that's why.

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