The time i accidentally deleted my friends mp3 library.

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  1. TL;DR - Visited a friend. accidentally deleted half his mp3 collection. friend blames gf. they get into a shouting, throwing, kicking, slapping, spitting match. gf gets kicked out then let back in. he still blames her though.
    I visited my friend and his gf in NJ during christmas week in 2003. They had a small place together in Tenafly and it was snowing heavily. It was still a couple days before christmas, so my friend had to leave in the mornings for work while i stayed at his apartment with his gf.
    With nothing to do, I went on my friend's computer to listen to his mp3 collection, but to my horror he was using windows media player! So i immediately download winamp (rest it's soul) and install that sucker and adjusted the EQ settings.
    His gf walks in and sees this and got very panicked and told me to delete it right away. Apparently my friend HATES when people use his computer, especially installing software. As i'm unstalling winamp and deleting the left over folders, i began to realize that half his mp3's were gone. then i remembered...winamp automatically organizes and moves mp3s to its own folders...folders i've been deleting!
    it's okay, i'll they're in the recycle bin. I'll just restore them. 
    crap. i've been permanently deleting those folder so he wouldn't notice i installed them in the first place.
    He gets home from work 20 mins later and the first thing he f*cking does is look for some music to turn on. Then it happens. "WHAT. THE. FUCK!" Demonic voices started spewing out of his mouth as he violently shook in anger, and before I even had the chance to explain what happened, he just goes right for his gf. He started accusing his gf. even after i told him it was me, he got angrier at his gf. 
    Then his gf switched from defensive positions to full out attack and started cussing back at him, which of course got him more angry. He's calling her a cunt, she's calling him a loser with no future. Then they started to throw shit at each other from across the room. He threw his remote so hard, that it went through his 60 inch TV (luckily it was off). She's throwing glassware that's shattering all around me. they got into a slapping and kicking match. then he stormed into the bedroom, grabbed ALL HER STUFF, and threw it outside in the heavy snowfall. GF goes outside to retrieve her things, but as soon as she's out the door, he slammed it shut and told her to go fuck off. Then to top it off, he opens the door just enough for him to spit on her face. 
    after a couple hours I eventually talked my friend and his gf down and he let her back in.
    definitely killed whatever high and holiday spirit anyone was having in a 10 block radius, and that was only the 2nd day of my 5 day visit..

    a couple of hours? holy shit dude. it's just mp3s... how hard is it to download music, really? haha.
  3. You should have went after her. If he saw you two leaving together, he would offer to wipe the spit off of her cheek. She would have been so pissed, she might haved fucked your brains out right there on his front lawn lol.
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    you dont understand. this is early 2000's when napster and kazaa were still the only ways to download mp3s and mp3 players were just catching on due to ipod's popularity. took me several years to build a collection of 500 songs that were all lost to hard drive failure :(. now it takes a couple minutes.
    lol...i had NO interest in her. but i did stay with her outside in the heavy snow while trying to convince my friend to let her back in.
    hope you learned your lesson and never installed random shit on other people's computers ever again.  :)
  7. Man I'd hate to imagine what would happen if his computer crashed and lost all his songs. I download music everyday and love music and have been downloading since I was in high school. On my old computer I had thousands of songs and then my computer had gotten a virus and I had to change computers but even I don't get that pissed about it. It's just songs and he's not even going to listen to all of them anyways just the newer one's he downloads. 
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    he didn't just get rage. he was born with it.
    he was going to explode on his gf regardless from what it looked it.
  9. are they still together? was she correct about his future?
    lol. they separated a month after. 
    he seems to be doing good tho working in the entertainment industry as an agent or something
  11. That's a pretty shitty thing to happen. And a pretty shitty thing to do as a friend, letting the female take all the blame like that.
    But I laughed out loud after I read the title. Minus everyone in the situation being a shitty person (except perhaps the girlfriend), it's pretty hilarious.
  13. fuck winamp
    fuck windows media player
    foobar for life yo
    your friend was doin it wrong.
  14. You deleted half of his easily replaceable MP3 collection and he flipped his shit like that? You need better friends, and that chick is better off without an asshole like that.

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    mp3s weren't so easily replaceable back then. but still, he's an asshole.
  16. I don't remember Winamp messing with files or moving them around, maybe it was something in the options.
    I'd be pissed if people installed things on my machine though
  17. I totally missed the year this occurred in the OP. But yeah, still an asshole. Lol

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  18. I laughed so fucking hard just made my day(kinda)
  19. thats the funniest shit ive ever heard

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    A lot of people need help with stuff like that.Man what a crappy situation.It was an accident for sure but never touch that guys computer again if you see him.

    Sucks he would not listen when you told him it was you.I may have just left and told the girl to get out too but I'm not sure.Hope he gets help with his anger.Read you said he was born with it eh who really knows where it originated but he needs to deal with it.Lost a woman over it, maybe if you ever talk to him again be a little more compassionate.

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