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    Sorry! Amazon Prime, not Netflix.
    Cleaning CBD today watching documentaries. I started watching this and it turned out to be not what I expected. He was not what I expected. Funny the image you get of someone when you see flashes of them on TV but you are not really paying attention when the news was going on 15 years ago.

    A pretty fascinating story about a man that didn't quite fit the mold of how the military tried to make his life and death look to us. Told from the point of view of Pat Tillman's family.

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  2. I just went to look for it; it didn't seem available.
    How odd.
  3. Sorry tooslow. Amazon Prime.
  4. Prime, eh?
    Okay, I’ll take a look. (I thought I had)
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  5. a completely messed up story. i'm glad the family got their story out and set the record straight. fuckin govt.

    thanks for sharing.
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  6. I agree. It was sad to see how the gov spun the whole thing. His family is pretty remarkable to push it as far as they did to reveal the truth. Sad docoumentary but like you said, glad the family got to set the record straight.
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  7. I’m afraid that none of this is new, but it was raised to a new level.
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