The threshold of simplicity

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  1. Here's something I've been writing lately. It's the culmination of various different theories I've been working on for some time. I used part of it in another thread to explain what we are if we weren't created by god.

    Man has a purpose. We are not a favored creation but a tool or a project. No god invented us, more likely it was something akin to us in existence; born of the same materials and probably created by something else in their own right. We could easily ascend to the level of creator given time. We are simply an extrapolation of all of the knowledge and common sense of another entity, entwined with matter as one and set in motion like clockwork. In this sense it is quite possible to look at the whole of our existence as one moment. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things that's exactly what we are.

    But because of our ability and inherent need to control and understand our existence, time is seperated into increments; epochs, ages, and hours that all fit into place. Despite their differences in importance and time span each of these increments can hold something potentially greater than all of existence. Every bit of our being is
    wired for progress and a single thought is the potential for a new universe. Here I will attempt to catalogue the most basic and important realizations for the coming centuries.

    The Balance

    Somewhere in a past that can only be imagined and questioned lies the beginning of a struggle all forms of life will eventually come to. Originally there was only "One". This One was not any sort of living entity, perhaps it didn't even have a physical manifestation. A concept floating in itself. At this point One could only do one thing. Perhaps spurred on by unkown forces; One did the only possible thing and became Two. This was the first form of progress. One couldn't do anything as it was so it did more with less. Not only did it become something more than it was without truly losing anything, it created new concepts in the process.

    With a single effort One had started off two different forms of exponential progress. 'Physically' becoming more as well as giving itself more tools to go on from there. Along with Two came constance and variety. From this point Two could become Four, or Eight, or even Eight thousand, one hundred and ninety two. All using the basic processes inherent in Two's creation. So Two went on it's merry way procreating; making billions of tiny Two's who would all go off and do the same. But at some point, perhaps by design, there was a deviation.

    With the basic forms of constance and variety all the Two's were essentially smaller versions of One but could split themselves as the original Two had done. Two's would come together with each other to create a third. In this sense we now have deviation as a form of progress; the same thing done in a different way.

    As they mulitplied and grew in complexity all of existence could only grow as it was being stretched in two directions. One end growing smaller through refinement and one end growing bigger through mulitplication.

    Just as there was more of everything every bit of it was worth more.

    Flash fowards a googleplex or two. The original One has become some number I won't try to comprehend.

    It has manifested in the most complex and refined form of existence yet; intelligence. Always growing within and without this form of existence is embodied by dozens of forms of exponential progress. Every part of us is the best possible combination of adaptability and constance. We build a firm basis and grow from there. This process is inherent in everything.

    I've looked back at the beginning, and it wasn't nothingness. It was a threashold of simplicity. Nothingness cannot exist as it needs something else in the first place for there to be 'no thing'. Perfection also doesn't exist without other terms. One was the closest thing to both of these concepts there will ever be. And One came from something else...

    The balance is what we are. All of it is of one, only different. These original concepts of constance and variety are inherent in everything.
  2. and on top of that, if one is all there was and that which all there is comes from... then truely, we are one.

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