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The thread once a day blazers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skatealex2, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. #1 skatealex2, Aug 15, 2008
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    I like keeping my toking to once a night because it makes it more fun and exciting and you don't get burnt out ..... sometime's (like today) I might have a small hit of sativa before breakfast but other than that blazing at nights the best IMO for those of you who need your weed daily.

    I have a question for blades like me.... how do you like to spend your high generally??

    I usually like to watch a tv show or listen to some music when it comes to my late night chilling but I always have to prepare something to do before I blaze so I can enjoy it.

    I also have to add that the first toke of the day is always the best and I personally would rather have a good end of the day than beginning ........:eek:

    I'm also curious if anyone has to wait till late night to toke because of their parents? That's another reason the late night sessions are the best... I could drive my car around when I want to blaze but that can be tedious to do on a regular basis..

    Peace In The East s

    (This forums gotten pretty tripped out with all these buttons)
  2. i like to spend my nights getting high all night :)

    but really, a movie is a good way to waste a lot of time while high. movies with intricate plots are very entertaining
  3. Yeah I am strictly a night smoker too. I have to wait till the 'rents go to sleep and then go in the bathroom. I usually chill and watch Stewert and Colbert
  4. Well if I only have a small amount of weed, I'll save it for the night. Just because blazing by yourself at night then hopping on GC is almost ritual to me...

    But I swear going to sleep high is addicting... hah
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    i don't do this EVERY night..but i do do it a lot..i love ending the day with a nice relaxing smoke session..makes all the stress of the day melt off and not seem so bad (and is like a reward for working my ass off all day).. I even find this more enjoyable than smoking with friends (at least usually) its cool to just let your high consume your mind while listening to music...:smoking::smoking:so chill:smoking::smoking:

    i agree completely..sometimes i can't sleep without it..but thats where Valerian root and Gaba come in handy :D (and so i don't get jumped..i know weed's not addictive, but it gets compulsive to smoke b4 i sleep and sometimes i crave it pretty bad when im tired)
  6. #6 skatealex2, Aug 15, 2008
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    the problem with movies is that there aren't too many good ones. I personally enjoyed the new batman alot but I'm more into David Lynch films and weird indie movies and there aren't too many good ones out there. I guess we can talk about anything in here.... so what are some good random movies that I should watch blazed....

    keep in mind I don't really enjoy most mainsteam action or comedy type movies. I thought Pineapple Express made stoners look like a bunch of morons and that bothered me....

    For anyone that hasn't seen a Lynch film I highly recommend Mulholland Drive.. that movie will blow your mind... especially when you're super blazed .. (even if you don't like it the movie will leave you thinking for a long time)

    Also tv season is kind of dry right now other than weeds.. I think in a month from now some good shows should be returning like Entourage!! and that new vampire hbo show by the Six Feet Under creator

    On another side topic: I got my first pure indica strain in what most be like two months and I gotta say I find indica way more enjoyable than sativa.. cause you dont get anxiety and its so much more chilled.. tho hybrids are the ultimate.. its good to hit up a small amount of sativa for daytime adventures tho

    (Anything goes in this thread so if you feel like rambling, feel free)
  7. im pretty much like you. i do it at night but then i usually go out to bars with friends and shit like that. just sit back listen to some music drink a few.
  8. My schedule lately has been get home from work, smoke a bowl by myself and hang out at home. I love music when I am high. When I start to get sober I go out and smoke with friends. I usually smoke twice a day. When I get back from California though I will be off for like 2 weeks before school starts. I will probably blaze all day everyday on those days. :smoke:
  9. that sounds like fun and I have done that in other countries but in America I'm 1 year too young to go drinking and most of my close friends don't live in my area so I have countless nights of blazing by myself..................

    concerts are defently the best blazing experiences IMO.. I saw radiohead this week and that was easily the best night I've had this summer
  10. I also smoke at night more often then during the day, it makes sleep way better. I get extremely talkative when i'm high, i don't know why. I think that my mind is clear and i just feel like shooting the shit with people. When i'm not doing that funny TV shows, movies, and the good old stoner flicks. Just finished Harold and Kumar 2 last night. Funny shit :smoke:
  11. Are Cheech and Chong movies as legendary as their made out to be? maybe I should check them out? ?
  12. I smoke some ciggs, listen to some music, make something to eat.

    I rarely watch tv/movies while high.
    I can't pay attention long enough to like what I'm watching.
  13. Lately I've been stuck at home, and have had nothing to do at all. However, I don't have any weed supplies were I have right now, and have been trying to make a little go a very long way.

    I would love to cut back to just at night, but I think it'd be really hard. I imagine you're getting very high though.

    I rarely watch shows, most of the time I just play video games when I'm high. Movies definitely can't keep me entertained, because I sit there, get hunger, go make food, eat, and lose my damn high. Plus, I feel like I'm coming down and I've wasted it doing nothing other than watching something that seems stupid.
  14. Smoking at night is the best. I like to sit on my balcony, light up a fat bowl and wash it down with a Heineken. I don't only smoke once a day, though. If I did my weed would last much, much longer.

  15. That's another great thing about not blazing all day. It feels great to have your stash for a long time and continously build it up. I like buying random strains to make my highs more intresting.... I don't think I'd be able to smoke the same strain for too long period of time
  16. during the week its ussally right after work and before I go to sleep, and at lunch sometimes. on the weekends just whenever. when im high i mostly just chill with friends, music, bmx, or just walking around in the woods.
  17. I usually do it in the early morning hours, when it's less noticeable to my brother.

    But since he went to a GED test yesterday for six hours and today for six hours of the evening, I've been starting to smoke around 6-7 pm.
  18. hell yeah dude. "Up In Smoke" is classic
  19. You're kidding, right?:smoke:
  20. #20 skatealex2, Aug 15, 2008
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    well not too many good movies are coming out often and I've seen a so many movies. if you know anyone good lesser known movies let me know because as a 20 year old I spent alot of my past years watching tons of movies and I don't enjoy the typical mainstream movies or ridicolous teen comedies. im not trying to be cool , I just enjoy movies that are a bit more analytical like Donnie Darko, Eraserhead, Twin Peaks, Un Chien Adalou, hitchcock films, etc. and of course crazy stoner humor can be fun as long as it's not as ridocolous as pineapple express or american pie type bullshit.

    (I think this thread should really be in seasoned tokers, cause it's usually long time blazers that go the once a night route from what I've seen and I'm not new to blazing)

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