The thoughts that were running through my mind.

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  1. edit: The below is something i did when i was completely baked and had no recollection. Before you read it remember its the ramblings of an inebriated fool they probably make no sense.


    Holy crap i am really high right now. Still breaking in my vaporizer :smoking:

    So i keep having this feeling that i want to come onto grasscity and basically let you guys all know the wierd shit that is running through my mind.

    Under each paragraph all put the tl;dr version.

    So first think, i was watching this south park episode. It was the episode where The boys want to watch the new terrance and phillip trailer and had to keep venturing to find a new tv. while watching i pretty much imagined i was butters, that everyone always picked on me and i was so dumb and had no idea about it. And also i wanted to see the new trailer, so i would always go with these guys to new areas, and it was pretty much an expedition to watch this show throughout till the new trailer came. and when the new trailer did come IT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER.

    tl;dr -- Was watching the south park episode season 6 episode 4. I thought i was butters.

    Next i watched another south park episode, the one where kyle can get him and his friends to casa bonita. And he chooses stan, butters and kenny, and cartman got left behind. In this episode i was really thinking that i was cartman and like i always make fun of this "kyle" guy, whose character in the show represents one of my friends in real life. And now i feel really bad about it, and i apologize, like cartman did to kyle. And then when kyle slips in the part about cartman taking butters place I got really excited, because now i could go to casa bonita instead of butters. And when butters parents were worried i started feeling angry that my friends would rather mourn about butters than go with me to casa bonita. When the trip is cancelled I AM PISSED. I needed to get the trip put back on. Butters needed to get tricked so i could go. And then when cartman began tricking butters i thought i was now butters and needed to now survive in a post apocalyptic world. and rebuild society IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. This is wierd. The end.

    tl;dr -- Was watching the south park episode season 7 episode 11. I thought i was cartman

    After that episode finished i had another thought. What if your body is like a source of consciousness linked to an external mech. Like i thought i was a guy controlling a mech. And like anytime i thought i wanted something to happen. I would need to think it. This sent a signal to the external mechanized form. And then the external part would move. I think this was an explanation for the feeling that your body is "lagged".

    tl;dr -- The feeling that your body is lagging made me think of the analogy that i was a human inside a mechanical suit. The human represented my consciousness, the external mech represented my movement

    lol i wrote that in a notepad document when i was really really baked. I thought i was posting on the forum or something. I also am really high and have no idea why i posted this :smoking:
    Have fun reading my nonsense.
  2. holy shit i did something similar to yours. haha i got bored while i was high and wrote a log about it. rofl. shit just an hour ago haha

    May 28, 2009 2:28 am I am high!! damn its feels so good. watching fight club. i dont know why it's so slow. laggy. well. im gonna exit the movie. smile then breathes....window up to let the scent of weed out. LOLOLOL. every so slow...reaction wise. going on zoklet and grasscity... =)) nah forget that. i went on youtube and watch trippy vdeos... now on and its forums...
  3. Haha wierd. and funny at the same time/

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