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  1. How many of you believe in the existence of the third eye? How many of you have ever opened it to its full awareness state? I'm talking about the use of psychedelics. That's right. Psylocibin mushrooms, LSD, Cannabis etc. Have you ever wondered why these "drugs" simply just do not harm us? Because when taken, they take us on the ride of our subconscious. Our third eye. It is knowing, it's the link to our inner selves. Any God you wish to believe in, any philosophy you choose to believe in, it's all stored in your third eye. And when you see it, none of it is living. It's all created by you within your head.

    I tripped for what I think was the first time last night. That is, on LSD. I had taken a hit and waited ages. Nothing was happening. I had a blunt rolled of pure medical cannabis that I bought and was saving for a special occasion. Last night was the night. I am a very spiritual person. I took the hit of LSD around 11:30 pm. Up until 3 am I started noticing minute differences. The elevation was the same I feel when smoking marijuana, but it was more defined. I had smoked a blunt to myself of medical marijuana before, and it is possible to trip on weed alone. That is, if you have the right mind set and ability. When I smoke only cannabis, I can mentally lose myself in the vast kaleidoscopes in front of my eyes, the cellophane flowers of yellow and green. I can leave my body and basically "trip" there mentally. All because of my third eye. Now, last night I was outside after 3 hours of taking this hit of acid, and I wasn't seeing anything too intense that I hadn't already felt or seen with cannabis alone. So I got my medical blunt. Now either the acid finally kicked in at the same time I smoked it, or it was just what I needed to combine the two. My third eye opened fully after smoking it. I saw vivid imagery of just everything the mind can create. The stars were beautiful, the sky was lit. The trees moved and danced. It was all created by the third eye that I saw. Now as I said, I do not know if it was just a coincidence and the acid kicked in the same time I smoked, or if I needed to combine the two, but the journey my head took me to was amazing. I believe in Buddhism, and so in the patterns on my outdoor swing I saw him. He came to me. He told me that I've finally become enlightened, and that everything I see after him is all within myself, that no matter what I feel, it's not real and it's only creation of the mind. Boy was he right. I've always believed in life being within the inner self, and all I needed was my subconscious to create him in order to speak to me to understand. It was the trip of a lifetime. Everything I saw was beautiful. Psychedelics are just a state of consciousness we all can choose to experience. There is nothing wrong with it, but it's a choice. It can be scary, but you need the right mindset.

    Thank you for reading, and please tell me your beliefs on this subject.
  2. it does exist, it's called the pineal gland. dmt>all other psychedelics
  3. mushrooms is like riding a bicycle, a nice lil trip around the neighborhood

    LSD/acid is like riding in a car, riding around the city going pretty fast, depending the dose

    DMT is like riding a rocket ship, you literally leave the planet and perceive an entirely different higher reality, depending the dose, it WILL change your aspect on life

    not a lot of people can handle the truth, or they just deny it and conclude they were just on "drugs" lol
  4. If I didn't deny the things I thought on drugs, I would be severely depressed.

  5. thats the problem, obviously

    you're having preconceptions on something that transcends this, you "think"

    stop "thinking" it is one thing based on your limited experience, you cannot reason these kinds of things, ITS AN ABSOLUTE KNOWING

    we try using our finite minds and compare relative to our conditioning lives and this made up reality, there are much much bigger things out there

    when you openly accept, empty your glass, allow silence to speak to you you will know it is truth, because it is the silence speaking

  6. Dude I did some research on the pineal gland. And it calcifies, which I thought was kinda wierd. Maybe psychedelic drugs like clean our pineal gland, and renew it. Giving us this "new perception". Good post OP
  7. Maybe it's because I just woke up but I'm having trouble processing this, are you saying not to think about things on psychedelics?
  8. Subscribed! interesting thread so far :).
  9. would the third eye be considered the minds eye or are they completely different. either way i know the pineal gland exist but am still finding out its relation to the way we percieve reality. i have never done a psychadelic besides pot but im starting to want to experiment to learn more about..well everything around me and inside me.
  10. Dymethyltriptamine (DMT) is released through your pineal gland when you sleep which causes you to dream, it is also released at times of near-death experiences. The third eye (pineal gland), when it's true potential is tapped either through forms of meditation or drugs, can be a gateway to spirituality, or an improved understanding from a view of which you've never thought imaginable. I've never smoked DMT myself but I know alot who have and they all say it's changed them in a good way.
  11. You need to get on that man, I was not in to spirituality at all until I smoked DMT and went to a spiritual plane. However one of my friends doesn't do any psychedelics anymore because of the intense fear he experienced on the substance but he just wasn't prepared.
  12. Well once someone is really able to "take off this shell" that society has put over us to covert us from the truth and meaning of life, you see the "infinite awareness"come out of you. the true beauty of human nature and how our telepathy and our "knowing" has been surpressed with materialistic and capitalistic system weve all surcome too. the more we ignore our pineal gland the more dormat it becomes. But the use of shrooms ect (ive only done shrooms a bunch of times)activates it and you see how all these different aspects of life are connected and everything we see is created by the mind.

    There are many more things in this life then what wwe just see, just because we cant see doesnt mean it doesnt exist...yall with me still?

    Everything in this world is energy frequencies, our thoughts, emotions (think about how televisions, radio stations, satelites work). Thats why when your on shrooms you and your buddy know what eachother are thinking cuz on shrooms your able to uncover these types of things easier, your able o see the energy waves if you know what i mean.

    now this is not meant for the closed minded people or they will experience horifc trips.

  13. Good fucking man right here. I only smoked pot for the spiritual aspect. I could meditate and literally trip from smoking weed, and still can. I am very interested in the third eye. We're born into the physical aspect of life first. We're given a body, scenarios, and operation techniques.When we die our bodies are gone, but we're part of something that was being, still is, and forever shall be. When stars die they physically turn into a black hole...what's on the other side? We're all just stars in the end created from the big bang. The universe is the key to understanding.

    Wanting something in life involves you thinking what you want. You can't want without the thought. Now since you wanted something your brain will throw things at you in life to accept in order to get to the end of what you wanted.

    I work at a busy snackbar in a small local grocery store. Now mid-day I really wanted to leave early, so any customer that approached me I took with full acceptance. I did not think any thought such as, "God what don't they ever stop coming?" or, "Come on you can't all possibly be hungry." Since I took customers full force with full acceptance, it died down. My manager eventually let me leave an hour early. I have many other scenarios which relate to how life works. How our brain can literally create matter. There are several books I saw written about this philosophy. Sorry I have no sources right now.

    When I experienced that first LSD trip a few nights ago I was amazed at what my brain fed me. It fed me so much information that turned out to be true, and it all came from nowhere but in my head. I had to accept what I was seeing in my head, not look past it at the reality. What my third eye was showed me that night was beautiful. I thank you all for contributing.

    I would like to experience DMT before I die. I want to see where I can go spiritually, full force, without a simple psychedelic or meditative dream.
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    I would call it the mind's eye. Because when you're high on pot you can close your eyes, well at least I can, and see vast kaleidoscopes of yellow and green just forming and disappearing for nowhere. You can't see them in the daylight, but if you smoke at night with little light arousal to your pineal gland you can see them. It's all what your mind creates while under the influence of such drug.

    When I was tripping on LSD I was outside during the night. I looked into the black formations of leaves on the tall trees around my yard and they could morph and form portals that I could look into. If I closed my eyes I could look deeper through and into the portals without the interruption of physical reality sight around me because it was all in my brain.

    I would also call it the mind's eye because I believe we see our dreams through this gland. I do not know if you know anything about lucid dreaming, but it is when you catch yourself in a dream, and you become conscious throughout the whole thing, and you're able to to whatever you please. Since I started smoking pot my dreams have become more vivid, as if my third eye was strengthened. As if what I saw physically with my eyes closed was the same as the reality I live. Our existence and being is quite a fascinating nature, and so is our human mind.
  15. On my first LSD trip, I came up with this idea that what if--the universe is a blank slate to which our mind put colors to. I mean, some animals can only see a select set of colors, and some people are color blind. I love Aldous Huxley's approach though, that the world is infinite and that the infinite is filtered by the Mind at Large. The Mind at Large is the idea that our brain filters the universe until it believes it's enough for survival. So when psychedelics are taken, the filter is partially removed and more of the universe is sensed.

    To be honest, I think theorizing about this kind of stuff is pointless though. It's SOOO beyond our understanding.

    Glad to hear you had a good trip though. You should research a thing called, "ego-death." It's some powerful stuff and I'm happy to admit that I've experienced it. I actually had an out of body experience too on that trip that I lost my ego.
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    I was tripping to some music falling asleep, and I was soon convinced that it was my time to die. I saw visions of being reborn in a new life, I saw visions of what happens after I die, they were all vivid and created from the LSD... and until I really payed attention, during this whole acceptance of death that came over me, I heard the chorus, "Don't fear the reaper." I almost shit myself and remembered that I was only tripping and listening to my ipod and that I did not have to accept death. It was odd.

    Oh and might I ask, what do you we view our dreams with? Like literally see them with? Are we using our physical eyes, or just interpreting what we see through the mind, while our physical eyes are just flicking around?

  17. Beyond our understanding, for the most part I agree. Attempting to put the pieces of the puzzle together is not pointless, it's part of our very existence.
  18. if you really want to go all the way to the source of our very being its DMT you're looking for

    you probably wont remember alot just like you dont remember too much of your dreams

    on a big enough dose you will go to a place that will reveal every single question you've ever had a doubt about, all will be answered

    you will feel complete and utter harmony with everything there is to harmonize with

    your consciousness will revert to its source, and if you go hard enough you will experience infinity, eternity, where you go time ceases to exists, there is no such thing as time depends on mass and gravity

    imagine holding the solar system in your hands, you would see it go around pretty fast from that point of view revolving and such while if you were actually on a planet duration would be immensely slower due to the dimension your in

    things get infinity smaller and infinity bigger, and we are a part of something much bigger
  19. You can generate it during Meditation
  20. Yea the 3rd eye is indeed a real organ in your brain. The pinneal gland.
    Usually they get calcified by puberty...
    I'm wondering if the flouride they put in water has no purpose other than to cover up the population's 3rd eye.
    They can be decalcified, but takes work and psychedelics.

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