The Third Eye

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  1. Wow! Can anyone relate to this?

    I can.. How has this eye affected what could be seen once you opened it as it were?

    Do you noticed a conceptual difference? :smoke:
  2. with all due respect, what the fuck are you talking about?
  3. Ah lets see. Mesa AZ eh? Is it mescaline for tonight?
  4. I think the "Third eye" Is what we use to see past the gates of time or maybe the 4th dimension

    4 dimensional thinking is what you can call it..

    My question is: How has third eye affected how you use your human eyes to process reality?
  5. Dude, I'm just high lol :smoke:
  6. Are you talking about closed eye visuals?

  7. I am talking about the next day.
  8. :confused:

  9. Hmm your prolly right..

    Fuck I dnt want to be haunted about how my grandma is gunna fall off a ladder and land on her ass while he gloves fly off her hands as you hear a grunt..

    I think that is one of the many effects the third eye can induce.. but maybe I'm just crazy
  10. Alright i can succesfully say this thread completely renewed my acid trip. Almost 12 hours... im not trippin reallly but just wired, and this thread made me crack up haha.
  11. lol well the third eye is one of several energy points ont eh body. some new age ignoramuses seem to think that if you just do alot of drugs it will open your third eye. thats dumb as hell. you have to meditate
  12. lol finally someone who knows what the third eye is :hello:
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    The whole third eye thing is a lie and a con made up by a pseudo-scientist that was found out in her own time, yet people still beleive in the existance of a third eye. (I personally beleive in its existance, just in metaphorical terms, not physical. well either that or it's your pineal gland.)
  14. i can't open my third eye i can't open my third eye i can't open my third eye i can't open my third eye....
  15. Quite right. The third eye is a place obtainable only though serious and concentrated meditation. Some say it's a "higher plain of consciousness" while others claim they have visions or what some might consider hallucinations. It's amazing what the mind can do when really focused.
  16. It's spoken of as the sixth chakra point on the body in various older religions. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc. It has a larger history than just being made up by a scientist. And yes, it is also associated with the pineal gland. At least physically.
  17. I have one in my ear.
  18. I've been meditating for years, and opening the third eye chakra fully is extremely difficult. It's a practice not commonly condoned among beginning Buddhist and Hindu practitioners, because of the potential to mistake visions for prophecy. To open the sixth chakra, you must find balance and open all other chakral gates beforehand. Then let your energy pass through you in a circular fashion, from front to back.

    I've experienced dream-like revelations while opening the sixth chakra, but I mostly use it in meditation to solve interpersonal problems or develop plans for the future.
  19. I swear it sounds like you're just talking about trippin. I've definitely been in what you describe as the 6th chakra before during a trip.
  20. its a chakra energy point....
    what do you what to know about it?

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