The Things You Wish You Had Done Differently Thread.

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    Hey got any memory's that have been bothering you, or you wish you had done differently well post them up.

    When i was 18 i was invited to go to Egypt, i declined because i wanted to spend time with my Girl friend, bitch ended up cheating on me 1 week later :mad:, so i was pissed cheated on and wanting to be in Egypt, oh well life lesson i guess. :rolleyes:

    Post yours :)

  2. Should of taken both the red and blue pill.

  3. Haha :p i would of but she couldn't afford it
  4. Ouch that is shitty man, If I would have been in your shoes I would have went to Egypt if she would have waited that would be good but if not whatever I guess that would have been a great life experience.... but I guess you know all this or you wouldn't have made the thread.

    I would have gotten a little better grades(they werent too bad) and would have gone to a 4 year school with some of my buddies. Would have moved out of this town asap.
  5. i wish i did everything differently.

  6. Anything specific though like something you always look back on and think fuck
  7. everything
  8. When I purposely overdosed and died. For 3minutes. I wish I didn't.
  9. I regret not listening to this song earlier.....

    [ame=]‪10 crack commandments biggie smalls‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

  10. Daym :eek: lucky your still alive though.
  11. Man. After 25 (80mg) o.c. I really am

  12. Remember you probably wont get lucky like that again, take it as a learning vurve :p
  13. Not got into sleeping pills...bad shit, worse then most people think actually.
  14. This thread is going to get huge!

  15. Haha i hope so :D
  16. This.

  17. Haha wow there'a allot of you :p
  18. I wish i would've started saving some money from the moment i started to work.. although im still young i couldve definitely used the money for rent/car payments/ etc instead of living paycheck to paycheck..

    but everything in life is a lesson that we must learn from... those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it..

  19. Yeh me too man.
  20. My first time seeing weed and getting asked, i wish i would have said YES

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