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The Theory of Sketchiness

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jegger, May 16, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else notice the HARDER you tried to cover up your Toking in public the easier it was to be called out for it?
    The more 'cautious' you were when you were sketched you ended up being 10x more obvious?
    Just an interesting fact.

    I walk around in my neighborhood, steamroller ablaze with no one batting an eye. Though the second I start to try and cover it up, people are glaring me down.

    The moral here is this: Be social, courteous, and respectful. Not quiet, hermit, and secretive. When you are nice, people rarely question you. Though, don't go out and hit right in front of security/cops. But still be charismatic.

    It all helps yo. Just an observation I thought I should post.
  2. Man the sketch factor is all environment based...if you find yourself in a dark damp alley with people you don't trust hitting a grimy one hitter...get out of there before you're A. Arrested or B. Disowned from the community for disrespecting the herb XD
  3. being sketchy is muuuuch different than being careful.

    EDIT: you walk around with a steamroller? how big is it lol that just sounds difficult to me
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    Sketchiness is all in the mind.
  5. anyone else think OP's a cop trying to clean up the streets??
    I don't see how you could manage not to get arrested with this logic.
    everybodys luck runs out..
  6. its all in the stereotype..if your like you said in public with a one hitter..who would ever question you walking on the sidewalk...nobody would ever assume weed. people are predictable
  7. Refer to the second line of my sig...dont surround yourself with shady people and youll be just fine doing anything anywhere as long as youre not a sketch yourself
  8. Whats the point of smoking in public? If your so sketched then DONT DO IT. Its not hard to find a nice secluded spot to toke. Oh and its really not smart to walk down the street with a steamroller. You may think your fine but you never know whos watching. The walls have eyes and ears my friend. Never know who may hear or see you, or who will call the cops.
  9. Thats not true at all. I think everyone here knows that stoners come in all shapes and sizes. Well so do snitches. People are not predictable you just think they are which may get you into trouble.

  10. hahaha agreed, but i love your sig mate
  11. whoa hold on a sec :p im not the one that said that people are predictable at all in fact I disagree with that statement...but I understand what you the end I wish we could all just fuckin be easy without gettin policed by people who themselves only half believe in the laws theyre enforcing...:(
  12. Yeah I feel you man. If you're being sketch, you're easier to get called out. But if you're chill, at least in my town, walkin down the sidewalk ashin a blunt, no one gives a fuck. I've done it in front of cops before. A chill attitude is always the best and it could save you a lot in the way of fine money/court dates/just unpleasant situations.
  13. People put themselves in sketch positions.
    The moment you say or think "this is sketch" then your mind
    is set..If you think its sketchy, then it probably is a little sketchy
    and you shouldnt be doing it to begin with.

    I agree with this but then again i dont, we dont want
    people to think they can just go walk down any street
    smoking weed, because in the end it is illegal and you cant
    predict the thoughts of every person who sees you smoking.
    Chances are your gonna get caught one of these days reguardless
    if you thought it was sketch or not.
  14. Set and setting.

  15. #15 Jegger, May 16, 2011
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    Hahaha, I could easily be a cop man. Nobody knows who's behind that screen. But chances are, I'm just being philosophical in the pot-setting.

    And yeah, this topic was less about being ignorant/idiotic, and more about being normal in public whilst doing so. Smoking is illegal, at least with grass, but you shouldn't be twitchy and all spazzy.

    Though, my luck hasn't run out because I do it around a gated neighborhood, no one there really cares, cops or neighbors. Oh, anywhere else I wouldn't just march around with a 4-5 inch steamroller.

    I just think a lot of the, "recreational" drug community under 25 seems to be more sketchy and totally ridiculous when it comes to it though. They don't realize that. Being with sketches has almost ruined me and others I've been with.
    If you've got a personal conviction of it being wrong, don't do it. But if not? Join Me at the fireplace :p.

    I've just got strong opinions, and I like to buff 'EM with other people, y'all know?
  16. I think when a lot of people try being careful, they get tense and nervous, and thus attract more attention. I've lit up a jay right in public and no one looked twice. It's all about how you present yourself.
  17. It's just cause you're not drawing attention to yourself lol
    It's like if you sneek into VIP and just act like you're supposed to be there you might get away with it
  18. Sketchyness comes with sketchy people.
  19. So according to Op's theory, smoke in a place like a crowded mall or an elementary school and it won't be sketchy at all
  20. How about you never put yourself in a sketchy situation? I don't care what your situation is, there is always a place to blaze.

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