The theory of Mary Jane's (TRUE) Purpose

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Rastafari, May 13, 2010.

  1. Soooooo I was rather torched and starting contemplating... Why do our eyes get red? Why do we get cotton mouth? etc.. etc?

    What if her real purpose is to sedate us to the point where our eyes are so red (increased blood flow, decrease pressure in the eyes) that we just close them? What if we get cottom mouth as a sign for us to not speak? (No saliva = more accumulated germs in the mouth) Idk...
    the point I'm getting at is maybe her ultimate goal is for us to close our eyes, lay back, and not speak at all because she has a message to give us? But when we smoke, it's usually at stimulant doses so we're not glued to our bed...
    the message I'm assuming is received when that unexplainable sensation you get when you've burned to point where you ask yourself "HAVE I HAD TOO MUCH???" Lmao, it's a hard point to get to, but worth trying. If anyone has ever been there and sat back and relaxed your entire body and focused on your breathing... after a while of DEEP meditation & on a clear mind you tend to get what I call the "Cannabis Orgasm" [seasonder's will know exactly what I mean] It's that sensation you get where you LITERALLY feel like you're on this amazing rollar coaster with like gravity times 100 trillion.. like this intense intense INTENSE force seems to like "pull you in" and you start to like crunch up.. some people might get scared and open their eyes and move... but if you hold on reallllll fucking hard and ride it out... you experience what makes a sexual orgasm seem like NOTHING
    So what if the herb reveals the speed at which the Earth actually moves? What if that force is the Earth revolving????? :smoking: Maybe it's a sense that we've become immune to, until the MJ dissolves the defense? idk bro im so:smoke:

    Anyone get where I'm going?
  2. Ive had that pulling force, lol.

    And i know exactly what your talking about. It makes sense and i always think about that shit.
  3. hahahaha give me some of what your smoking :hello:
  4. I dont think anything has a specific purpose. If your a religous type then i guess its another story.

  5. Yeaaa man i try to explain to some friends.. and then we burn, and after laying down they say "yoo i know what you mean now about the rollar coaster man.. i just rode it!" Pleasee thats just a placebo effect because if they REALLY rode it then they woulda went like crazyyyyyyyy tellin me and shit and how fucking insane it was lmao
  6. I get that fairly often >.>. When I lay in bed really baked, I feel like I'm being pulled down into the bed. I usually pass out though :/
  7. Lamb's bread my friend lol! U gotta find some Jamaican friends lol:smoking:
  8. It's not really a down force though... I feel like I'm litterally going up... like in a rollar coaster loop with 100000 G's of force or something lol
  9. ^^ I know just what you mean.. its honestly one of the most amazing feelings ive ever had.. it only happens when i smoke some nice dannnk and get really blazed
  10. I wish I could get some of that shit. Rollercoaster weed.
  11. yes I know weed gets you high thats why we smoke it.
  12. Yea, I have gotten to that point where I was like whoahh....I feel the earth rotating.
  13. that's fucking hilarious you mentioned the pulling down or gravity x100.....about 2 months ago when i had taken a pretty long t-break I got stoned with some buddies over a friends house. We had ripped like 5 grams out of a bong and about an hour later we passed out because it was already late....when I sat down i felt exactly what you're talking about...and haven't thought about it since until i read post. And btw yes it was so intense that I had to open my eyes cause holy fuck it was tweeking me out..+ rep for the theorycrafting bro, it was well thought out and well worded...I'm listening to this song atm and yes, I'm blazed..I think all you tokers will appreciate this song when your sober, even more when you're stoned.

    [ame=]YouTube - Lazee feat. Neverstore - Hold On (Matrix & Futurebound's Terrace Tantrum Remix) [HQ][/ame]

    Toke up my brotha's:smoking:
  14. And yes this too, stomach turning/dropping and all that good shiz!
  15. You ever get the feeling as if your just floating in space and when you shift your weight your body just drifts this way and that.

    its pretty trippy but fun as hell
  16. Damn. That must be some good weed you're smoking :D
  17. Awesome song dude!!
  18. yeah just laying with eyes closed is crazy or in a car. only super baked tho
  19. You have blown my mind
  20. I just recently read an article about the endogenous cannabanoid anandamide. It was named the "bliss" molecule by its Israeli founders. Anandamide is linked to emotions, appetite and memory.

    According to Michael Pollen, author of "Cannabis forgetting and the Botany of Desire," the purpose of weed is to deal with the human condition. It is to remove all the pain and suffering we can experience as human beings.

    Think about it, after a good smoke sesh i can barely remember what i did a couple minutes ago. Short-term memory loss is not a bad thing. There are certain things you dont want to have lingering around for long periods of time. Anandamide probably controls what we remember and dont remember - specifically the bad memories.

    Thats why i think people are generally so much more chill after a little smokey smokey. Weed chemically lets us forget the bad stuff and remember the good stuff....only on a whole other level than the endogenous anandamide.

    Im jut drawing conclusions on the research thats already been done.

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