The THC Gene

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  1. Scientists Find The Gene That Produces THC

    'In one of the few scientific developments likely to interest both the Governor of North Dakota and Method Man, scientists at the University of Minnesota have identified the genes in cannabis that allow the plant to produce THC. Finding the genes opens the path to either create drug-free hemp plants for industrial purposes, or to develop plants with much higher concentrations of the psychotropic chemical.
    Publishing in the Journal of Experimental Botany, the researchers note that they specifically targeted the genes responsible for generating the drug-filled hairs highlighted in many a High Times photo spread. By impairing or encouraging the growth of those hairs, scientists could gain precise control over the level of THC in the crop.
    This development has important consequences for both the medicinal and industrial use of hemp...'

    Read the article here.
  2. Yes!!!

    Now we can increase potency in plants by directly affecting genes, imagine what kind of beasts we could grow!
  3. we can finally get some of that Deaf.
    cant wait, we gotta call Katt and warn him.

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