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The test bud...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by NdicaBud, May 8, 2002.

  1. I took a little taste test of the wonder plant I have growing scrOG(from a loose seed I found in file cabinet from years ago,ended up female),,had a vid cam,,so I snatched a pic from the video...a little blurry,,but you can see it's a nice little bud.....the stuff tastes great...and it is definately mostly indica.....but not quite a couchlock


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  2. Looking great bro, as always your crops amaze me
    looks like you got it all in tact with the green thumbing,,,hahaha hope it smokes as good as it looks..!!
    hey I was wondering have you every used Super MAX on any of your crops??? I've recently recieved it in the Hydroponics store and damn wow what a difference it makes on the final Yeild, the buds dense right up,,, its also really good for clones and seedling, the plants get so much healtier bush like!!

    Keep on Gardening!!

  3. mmm mmm good.....


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