The Terrifying Future Of The United States

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  1. Heres a video id like you all to watch its really mind blowing and should imo be shown to everyone
    Please guys I'd really like your input on this

    The terrifying future of the United States

    All the links

    If this doesn't wake you up, I don't know what will.
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    NDAA 2013 passes with indefinite detention still intact

    The Patriot Act

    Obama extends Patriot Act:

    Widespread abuse of patriot act:

    Obama tries to hide information regarding rape and sexual abuse in Abu Ghraib:

    Obama's kill list:

    FBI finalizing its NGI Biometrics Database:

    Biometrics at departures:

    People placed on no-fly list for political reasons:

    Drones used to hunt Dorner:

    Dorner fire set intentionally:
    The police finally admit it:

    Leaked Document: Government setting up military detention centers for Activists:

    FBI Murdered Todashev execution style:

    Senator Coburn points out the DHS "zombie" training exercise as wasteful:

    But if you actually watch it it's much more disturbing:

    Yes this really happened (details about the exercise):

    Police admit Dorner fire was set on purpose:

    DHS buying billions of bullets (links to some of the purchase orders):
    450 million rounds purchased by DHS earlier this year:

    Purchase order for additional 750 million rounds of ammunition

    DHS buys even more bullets:

    Iris scanning from a distance:

    Biometrics checks at border... Already in place for immigrants entering, now to be added for exits.
  2. That's all bullshit and propaganda. Go back to sleep and don't worry. Your loving government has everything under control and will protect you from the terrorists.
  3. if you are saying that is for Americans rising up against the government, thats bullshit. As long as we dont form an army of domestic terrorists and put a bullet through the president, then we have the right to speak out against our government. As long as we follow the rules, we have power.
    If the government decides to remove that power from the American people, it will truly start a civil war and all the texans will take out thier guns and shit on Washington D.C. I trust the American people more than I do the government.
  4. I almost forgot about Dorner, he's the guy the LAPD burned  alive on national television right? Wow the LAPD has good PR people. 
  5. Looks like sarcasm haha
    Sarcasm doesn't solve the problem

    So do you feel like our rights are slowly being stripped away toward a totalitarian state?
  6. the day they start rounding people up and putting them in camps is the day millions of americans take out their millions of guns and the government's own military turns on them. 
  7. The LA county sheriff is worse
    I spent most of my life growing up in LA county
    The cops are brutal man
    I've been to LA county jail and state prison
    Prison wasn't a problem
    Every cell mate I had was pretty much a lifer
    Probably the reason I'm not still there, was their input

    The LA county jail on the other hand is fucking nuts!! Haha
    Straight up 1on1s with the sheriffs at first
    Then they beat the fuck out of you and toss your cell or your dorm

    Standing naked for hours in a huge room full of inmates .
    depending on what building your in could be a cafeteria could be out side on the yard early in the cold morning

    The cops get enjoyment from this from betting on inmates
    Making money smuggling shit in for inmates haha
    What you really thought people put cells up their ass
    No the pig that put you in their for corrupt shit is showing you just how corrupt he is
  8. i think that your statement is farfetched
    What if not enough people are awake
    There is to many variables to rely on faith "that the people will wake up right when it happens "
    I'd rather share this with as many people as I can

    We don't need an armed revolution we need to protest and use non violent methods to show people what the government is really doing
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    Thats real horrible, my dad said that the LA county sheriffs was pretty bad he's been arrested by them before. He said never give a deputy any crap your life may depend on it. He filed a lawsuit against a deputy after they hit his mortocycle and nearly killed him, they just arrested him everyday until he gave up the lawsuit. 
  11. The government wants to collect my DNA when they arrest me, so I'll keep some semen on
  12. True
    If your not down to kill or protect your fellow officers when they kill for nothing your put in the jails until your brainwashed enough to put on the streets
    I got pulled over this one time
    My grandma was driving
    They had someone pulled over pulled up hard core on us
    They ran to the car guns drawn yelling "WE SMELL POT " " where's the weed " " we know your smoking "
    I was like dude I'm not smoking with my grandma in the car your crazy
    I had my med card at the time
    My parole officer gave me permission
    The sheriffs said it didn't matter
    I was like wait aren't you a county cop not a state cop
    My state parole officer overrules you

    Anyway they took my stash
    That I wasn't smoking
    They made my grandma leave me to walk home
  13. Yes you are so right !!!
    It's like wtf people its right in front of you!!
    tptb don't even care to hide it any more !!
    I can only imagine what's being spoken about at bilderburg this week
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    Just released article:

    NSA scoops up verizen phone records via court order

  15. Man KC police are fucked up like that to they just want to ruin lives

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

    Im sick and fucking tired of hearing all this shit about
    Houses? there getting built.
    Employment? my friend got a new job yesterday
    Prostitutions up by 8 fuckin percent, people are buying there mothers day cards. So if you got a fuckin problem? your mad about, taxes? wars? put this fucking song on and get back to me you douchebags.

    god damn thats a good song. I think today in the country we forgot how important this song is.
    and were making a comeback. Stop blaming everything on everyone else.
    MAYBE YOU are the problem.
    thats right.
  17. So correct me if I'm wrong but
    Your saying I could be the problem or people like me, who don't buy into "everything's fine"
    "Go ahead its safe to invest again"

    If this is how you feel . Please explain to me your beliefs ? And why they are ,the way they are

    I've presented evidence that the US is prepared to use force against the american people and taking step to use these camps to detain us with force

    How does that make you feel ?
    The cops don't even have a constitutional obligation to protect you any more !!

    Why don't you question that?
    hahahahahhhahhahha oh my are you lost sir? you must be!!
    dont like your song either :smoke:
  19. Almost forgot bildiberg is getting together soon...:/ people are here for a reason in all makes and models..some like ^^ will always be sheeple and the few of us will push the way...if its even worth pushing for in the end..we all need to understand our history and that the occult is very real and at its highest now in the new age movement. If people say to me I don't think the NWO or illuminati are real or even majik is real and my reply always is....then open up a liciferian occultic book and get the salt and jump inside the circle and say a few montras from the book and see what happens...seeing is believing soo why not right? Oh ur christian so the u know the occult is real? Ohh u don't well then what was jesus here for again? Lol at the narrow minds so easily confused and misguided....stay with ur affirmations and meditation it really does create possitive energy for us.

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