The terrible truth about cannabis: Experts devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless

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  1. complete fucking smear campaign to heighten fear close to election times
     absolute bullshit. 
  2. Same shit every fucking year.
    It's so beautiful to read the comments; so many people that don't smoke, fuck some don't even want legalisation and they're still calling bullshit on these "studies"
  3. Couldn't be any relationship to his position, could it?
    The paper by Professor Wayne Hall, a drugs advisor to the World Health Organisation,

  4. Hahaha that's such bullshit!
  5. It's so sad but parents will refer to that article when talking with their kids on the "dangers of marijuana" <- hard to say that with a straight face :laughing:
  6. Sickening that people can so casually spread misinformation like that. 
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    A pro-cannabis group in Milton Keynes has hit out at a World Health Organisation (WHO) report that smoking the plant has negative long-term effects.
    Today (Tuesday) a report has been released by Professor Wayne Hall, a drugs advisor to WHO, which argues the long-term effects of cannabis are negative.
    The 20 year study claims cannabis is highly addictive and causes mental health problems.
    But one of the creators of Milton Keynes Cannabis Social Club, which has a community Facebook page with nearly 1000 members, argued: “Firstly, the idea that cannabis is a ‘gateway drug' is flawed.
    “Most people I knew tried tobacco or alcohol before cannabis, so are they not the 'gateway drugs' if such a theory is even true?
    VIDEO: Professor David Nutt talks cannabis with infamous drug smuggler Howard Marks  
    “Much of the report is based around effects of cannabis smoked as a teenager. With a government controlled regulation of the market and with the use of licensed shops or cafés we could see cannabis available to citizens 18 plus only.
    “Also, even this 'damning' report states the chance of a fatal overdose is ‘very small' and cannabis was ‘not as harmful as other illicit drugs such as amphetamine, cocaine and heroin', with which it is classified under the law in many countries.”
    On Milton Keynes Cannabis Social Club, which currently has 988 Likes on Facebook, people discuss the reasons why they think the Class B drug should be legalised and what happens in other areas, like the US state of Colorado, where it is legal.
    Our source added: “The group was set up originally because we wanted a platform to dispel much of the anti-cannabis propaganda being spread all over Facebook as a reaction to what, at the time, was the start of the legalisation process in Colorado.
    “We wanted to be right on ground zero of the legalisation debate in our region, helping to spread awareness.”
    Many of the Facebook page users believe the drug should be legalised and stop the ‘black market' which currently exists.
    “Milton Keynes has always been a place filled with forward thinking minds and progressive people”, said the page spokesman,
    “It's a plant. A very wonderful plant with many uses other than just to get high.
    “I'd rather see this plant regulated and available to citizens 18 or over, with scope to grow a personal amount. It was made illegal for little to no reason and has been kept that way due to old propaganda and leftover stigma from previous generations.”
    Users on the page strongly feel the drug has medical benefits for illnesses including cancers, tuberculosis and multiple sclerosis.
    But what do you think to the group's views, should the drug be legalised?
    See our full interview with the Facebook page creator below:


  8. Fuck the drug war, anyone should be able to ingest and posses anything so long it dosent infringe on the rights of others.

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  9. More haterade from Dailymail. Guess that's why they're Dailymail, and not a source that fucking matters.
  10. I'm with Trex on this one. 
    Fuk the gov. and all their bull shit too. 
  11. Read it carefully. It's all the theories scientists have had for the past 20 years. None if is true, it's all the theories people have had over the course of 20 years.
  12. Words cannot express the emotions I feel...
    ...So here's a picture.

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