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Discussion in 'General' started by zro420, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Does anyone else get sort of annoyed when other people call ganja, "pot"? Whenever people try to tell me how bad it is they use this term and use the term "pothead" too. My brother smokes alot and calls it pot for some reason though. But yeah,am i alone here?
  2. Some people call it pot, some people call it weed, those two are probaly the two most used words for marijuana. Some people have code names for it too.
  3. im with you. maybe its a florida thang??
  4. i dont really care about bud being refered to as pot its when its refered to as "dope" that gets me.
  5. word, the term dope gets to me too, but so does "pot"

  6. Yeah me too. I Really only call it weed, bud, herb. Most of the time, however, THe derogatory forms (to me) would be calling it "pot" or " Dope"

    Like the other day with my friend who doesn't smoke, never has, but still talks shit:

    Him: Yo what's up dude?
    Me: Nothing man, Just finished some herb, got a few bowls left. Want a hit?
    Him: No stupid. That shit makes you all retarded and stuff.
    Me: Dude, you're a fuckin hypocritical asshole. You have NEVER tried it (starts laughing).
    Him: Dude, you're such a fucking pothead.
    Me: punches dude in chest.
    Me: Yeh dude, and you're such a fucking pussy.
  7. really? What's wrong with the term pot? I usually don't call it that, but I don't understand your beef.
  8. the people who tend to always say it, say it in a derogatory way. like saying "smoking pot is stupid" or "you're just a pothead"....etc.
  9. Yea, but I think it's that way with "weed" too.

    Even though "weed" is probably the most common slang term, that's probably the problem. Lots of people that don't smoke refer to the green as "weed", so that's why I probably dislike the term.

    Personally, my most commonly used term is "bud".
  10. I question others if they have any bud,
    I ask people if they smoke pot,
    I thank friends for sharing their tea,
    I know farmers that grow herb,
    it's all the same to me.
  11. Yeah i hate when people call it pot. Dope isnt my favorite word either.
  12. I'd rather not call it bud or dope for sure. I always ask for chronic, herb, or trees.
  13. yea i hate the term pot, because it's what my parents and anti-stoner kids say. and they say it like its the devil. like they say "chris stop smoking POTTTTT" and i hate dope too, cuz my rents are like "i know you smoke DOPE"

    i prefer the terms: bud, weed, green, and of course my personal favorite: STICKY ICKY ICKY

    im high

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