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the term "high"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chokedtocroak, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Ok i know i am not the only one but i hate using the term "high" in conjunction with marijuana. Like i really hate it. So i have always wanted to have a dif term use when i mention getting high..... [fuck i hate it yet its the only term i know to use]

    i've heard of things like getting lifted but idk it just doesn't do it justice. So does anybody else have a term i could use instead of "high" or does anybody else feel this way?
  2. Me too. Makes me seem like a junkie if I'm "getting high" all the time. Weed isn't that kind of thing for me most of the time.
  3. well i mean you can say get blitzed, or blazed, or stoned
  4. same here it just seems too harsh a term. i don't want to use the same term fro smoking weed that you use when you inject H. To me it seems like just another negative in the ganja world we all live in
  5. Just say you're ripping it, catching a buzz, burnin it down...

  6. i like fadded, it apeals to me

    sober people us high as a degrating term i hate it

    fadded stoned baked :smoking:
    i dunno if u like ne of thesebut those r the 1s i use

    peace 420
  7. I agree with you OP. I mean it doesn't really bother me but I have thought of how the term isn't completely fitting in its relation to other drugs. It wouldn't be that way if it didn't have negative connotations attached. Idk..
  8. i like faded but i am not a huge fan of stoned or baked in a casual sense. i use those words too but only when i am like reaaaaaal fucked up.

  9. I'm blazed. Lets go blaze! Wanna get blazed?

    "What are you doing?" "Nothin man just getting baked"/ "Wanna go get baked?"

    Shit man, you look straight chonged/cheeched.

    Damn man, I'm cooked.

    Wanna go get ripped?

    Lets go get chai'd (Dont know the spelling of this one, but think Chai tea.)

    There are a lot of different terms instead of "high", atleast around here. If I think of anymore I'll post them up.

  10. Lifted...

    What was that word that one kid was trying to make popular a while back. It wasn't to replace "high", but it was to replace something. Like the act of smoking or somethin'.

    Anybody know?
  11. Elevated

    Edit: The poster above me I guess thought a little quicker, I did not see him. Similar minds. Great minds think alike. (Just kidding, not actually that cocky.)
  12. I don't like stoner/stoned, I prefer feeling good :smoking::smoking:.
  13. yea those r like when you just smoked an 1/8 to the dome or sumthing haha

    fadded fits it best i think
  14. Every day I go home load up some of this special green flowers in my pipe. Light it on fire and the craziest thing happens. For the next few hours Im spiritually enlightened.
  15. Faded, elevated, blunted(If you toasted a blunt.)
  16. I dont see any-thing wrong with the expresion "High"
    It fits in with toking on the herb and feeling your spirits lift with the good vibration.

    I guess if you really oppose "high" you can go all the way to the other end of the spectrum and get "stoned" I prefer the sound of getting high to getting stoned, but have no beef with either.

    And if those two dont float your boat, you can get..

    Ashed, Blitzed, Blazed, Blitzblunted, Chron'd, Danked, Erbed, Fried, Gonzo'ed, Hotboxed..etc :D
  17. High is perfect for marijuana... I think other drugs like heroin and crystal meth should come up with a different name... like "fucked up" or "restless"
  18. My friends and I always say "Wanna go bake/eat some cookies?" And after that, we're "Full". Lol, it works.

  19. id say fried for shrooms or acid n mabey e but not buds jus sayen

    but i like gonzo'ed that 1s funny!
  20. I love this! Totally great. Love the idea mate. :D:smoking:

    I think I might +rep for this.

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