The term 'dank'

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  1. Does anyone here actually use this term in day to day conversation? I have never called high quality weed 'dank', we call it 'fire'.

    I mean the definition of dank sounds like the opposite for good weed lol.

    dank S: (adj) clammy, dank (unpleasantly cool and humid) "a clammy handshake"; "clammy weather"; "a dank cellar"; "dank rain forests"

    Sounds like dank would be moldy or wet weed lol.
  2. Yea around here, we verbally express good weed as 'dank'.
  3. Yeah, mostly dank, but also fire, heater, and millions of other names
  4. Around here we say shitty, good or awesome when rating weed.
  5. Why fire? Where did that come from
  6. fire is a noun or a verb, not an adjective.
  7. danks, fire, the shit, chronic, etc. they all mean the same thing. "good ass weed"
  8. its usaully called "dro" around heree.
    Chronic sometimes too.
  9. the term dank comes from when something smells dank it has a powerful pungent smell... so if you get really STINKY ass weed then you have "dank" weed

  10. Lol but my point is the literal definition of 'dank' means like cold, damp, dark, moldy smell.

    That sounds awful when you use it to describe weed, maybe it's just me lol.

  11. Ahahahaha there are some people in GC who would rip you to shreds for saying that. Dro is simply a method of growing weed. It doesnt denote the quality of the weed at all. You can have hydroponically grown schwag that was mishandled and poorly cured.
  12. just dont take dank that literally and you'll be fine. just take the word dank as it is ment to ppl who smoke herb. not a frikin dictionary term.
  13. 100% c/s

    exactlyy what i was going to post.

  14. Haha that's a good point, why not rip on people who say 'dank' then since dank basically means moldy basement?

    See my above point haha...

    If you use the term dank to describe the quality of weed, would you rip on somebody who uses dro to describe the quality of weed?

  15. No, dro isnt a method of growing weed.

    Hydroponics is a method of growing weed.
  16. Why attempt to invent slang?

    I just use words I know.

    "Hey man, this is really good cannabis!"


    "I really liked that last strain I had, very potent stuff. A single half gram joint and I was toasted for the entire movie!"
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    I didn't invent the slang, just always called good weed 'fire'. Like, "Yo man that shit is fire."

    Also, really good shit is called 'kind bud'.

    I think it's the pot culture that makes people use the slang, the illegality of marijuana, code names and such.

    I'm just trying to have some discussion. :)
  18. Dank is common slang around here
  19. Nobody I know uses 'dank' to describe weed... first time I heard the term was on the internet actually lol.
  20. Haha sorry man, not trying to harsh on you.

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