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Discussion in 'General' started by patriot, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Since Easter is March 31st, I thought this would be a good time to post this here. The government I am referring to is the U.S. Government.

    Let's look at our "Bible based" government and the Ten Commandments.

    1. Thou shalt not kill. Our government kills. Kent State, My Lai, Waco, Ruby Ridge, and too many others to mention here.

    2. Thou shalt not steal. Our government steals. High taxes we are forced to pay at gunpoint. Seizure and forfeiture laws.

    3. Thou shalt not commit adultery. This goes all the way to the top and is commonplace among the military, police agencies and all leglislative levels.

    4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor anything that is thy neighbor's. See numbers 2 and 3 for this one.

    5. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Anyone out there ever watched a government agent lie under oath? I have.

    6. Thou shall not take the Lord thy God's name in vain. After breaking all of the above Commandments, our government has the gall to print "In God We Trust" on our money.

    I hope you send this along to any "religious" orginization that supports our "Bible based" government.

    I pray to the Lord to pass judgement on all those who do injustices towards His annoited ones.

  2. while the Lord has condemed those that kill, he has allowed justice to be served to execute murders and other such criminals. Wars are also a tolerable reason to kill int he Lords eyes. Incidents such as Waco (where the fire may have been started by Koresh[however u spell it]) were just blunders, not common practice...although not excusable either.

    High taxes are not stealing. When Jesus was asked whether it was acceptable to pay taxes when it was written that money was evil he asked the man who's pic was on a denari (gold coin issued by Rome). The man replied "Ceasar" and Jesus said, "give to Ceasar what is Ceasars, Give to God what is Gods".

    Just because individuals within the govt are lax on their morals it does not condem the govt as a whole. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

    see number 3

    Saying In God we Trust is not considered taking his name in vain....thats like saying "using His name when saying grace is using it in vain"

    The govt was written by white christians so there is apparent refferances to christianity within the govt, but the system also seperates church and state (although the money thing is a contradiction)

    btw shouldn't u have titled this as the six commandments?

    *note* i am not supporting the govt as a whole, as i do believe many things should be changed within this country, but i hate to see blatent disregard for the respect that our govt deserves....that is the backbone to our country, which IMHO is the greatest country in the world.
  3. three cheers for you my friend

    dawodin that was an exelently put respose

    i dont condon much of what goes on in the world today
    nor can i do anything about it
    i can only change things in myself not others

    and sertainly not others with satilites witch can pick me out in a crowd or anywhere elts for that mater

    no offence patriot i thought your post was funny
    and im shure thats what you intended
  4. Let's see now, there is supposed to be a seperation between church and state. Okay, start a church where using cannabis to get spiritual is the belief and watch what happens. As far as rendering unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's and rendering unto the Lord what is the Lord's go, since when does any plant belong to Ceaser? Especially a beneficial one such as the hemp plant? They lied to the whole world to protect their interests. They are now destroying it. We could have been using hemp seed oil in place of petroleum which would have had several effects on this country, all of them positive. First, our farmers would be reaping the profits from it. Second, there would be 80% less pollution in the air. Third, your vehicle would last for 3 to 4 times as long as gasoline tears the motor apart. I have personal experience with this as my last vehicle ran on propane. Clean fuel makes the motor last for a long time. Go to for further information on this. All I have for now. I appreciate your input though. Keep on supporting our "righteous" government.
  5. im not shuer what the hemp car had to do with the commandments but it is a wonderful idea
    there are 1000,s of uses for the hemp plant witch we are denied use of do to our over involved government

    keep toking
  6. Patriot.
    I dont belive in god, and no offence to god lovers but i feel that the government and religion ARE the
    all wars are started from religous or political reasons.
    everybody needs something to belive in, may it be god, buddah, or chevrolet.
    As for the government and marijuana, they cannot make it legal because they wont make any money.
    Why? you might ask.
    look how many people are detained for marijuana.
    look @ the revenue that it brings.
    Some people say then tax weed.I'll pay taxes to smoke weed.
    It will grow with no problem in all 50 states.
    ARE YOU going to pay taxes on a plant you can grow at home?

    NOT ME.
  7. as far as taxing weed they would sell licinces to peole to grow mass amouts and tax all thoes who were to lazy or had no green thumb too grow with yes most of us would grow our own or know someone who did but even we mite buy some from the store every once and a wile jest for something diff

    anyhow who cares what excuse they use to legalize as long as they do it

    hear in alaska they are puting a vote on the balit this year
    to make it legal to sell dope in liqur stores

    ill be voteing this year for shure

  8. Of course you are speaking in a state level of government.
    Lets see what happens @ the federal level if the law passes.
    The state can legalize what they want but the federal government does not have to follow.
    Ask Californians.
    Now i'm not saying it wont help out to vote because that is the only way it will ever get legalized.
    We just dont have enough states putting it on the ballot.
    and not enough people that are willing to get out and vote for what they believe in.
    by the way I was actually born in wragell, Ak.
    I hope to go back some day.

    Vote for legalization of Marijuana.Medical or for recreation.
    Dont drink and drive smoke and thrive.
  9. This is all cool guys. First of all, The Commandments are listed in the Bible as is "seed bearing herbs which shall be used for meat." Gen 1:18. Then, in First Timothy, it states "You shall be commanded to abstain from meats which come from the Lord." I agree that wars are fought for religious and political reasons. Sept. 11th is a prime example of both as is the U.S. response to that. And we were in Viet Nam because of the Catholic Religion. If hemp were never made illegal, there would have been no Sept 11th attacks. We would be using it for our oil and not be trying to control the Caspian Sea. As far as taxing cannabis/hemp would go, there would be plenty of people out there, myself included who would pay a tax for it. Prime example there is alcohol as you can make beer and wine in your home as well, but look how much is on the market. Our tax money now is being spent on the "just us" system because of the prohibition. Not to mention the people who either lose their jobs or choose not to work because of the prohibition. Many of those would be a great asset instead of a liability. I appreciate all the feedback though. Just remember, just about all the leglislators go to church on a regular basis. They actually believe what they are doing is right. This is the sad part.
  10. I just thought i'd add that you only posted 6 of the ten commandments. The fedral government does not have to follow any state legislation. If any state was to legalise Marijuanna, the government could still arrest you in that state.

    The main reason the Fedral government wouldn't legalise marijuanna is because of power and control. Right now they control the smokers of the US by making MJ illegal.
  11. as far as state vs federal goes
    cali lacks the advantage of being totaly seperated from the rest of the country
    alaska is only accsessable by air or by sea
    unless you want to drive all the way thru canida
    believe it or not this fact makes us differnt
    there are even thoes who are trying to
    make alaska a seperate contry

    the free alaska political party is one of your party afiliation
    choices when you register to vote

    so maby alaska wont ever become a seperate contry but
    hell at least there trying

    and becouse of there seperation they can get away with things other states cannot if yyou are a perminent resident you receive a check from the state yech year for 600-1000 dollars per resident in your house hold

    i never heard of shuch a thing till i came here

    not to menchin i have been told by many of the natives here that pot was legil here untill about 10 yrs ago
    and you had to have over a 1/4 pound in order to be charged for a criminal offence
  12. The Vietnam was to stop the spread of communism (thats wut it was labeled as anyway...i dont think they went about it in a good fashion)

    The sept 11 attacks would not have been prevented if we used hemp oil because the attacks were in response to american military bases on holy land, the creation of the Israli nation and several other things

    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp ( i thought that was an interesting fact)

    if that law in alaska passes i shall be takin a few trips up there :D
  13. You should come visit anyways, the herb and the scenery are definately worth it...if you ever make it here look me up and we'll smoke a bowl ...
  14. Communism was Catholicism's biggest competitor. We know what the label bore. We wouldn't have bases in the "Holy Land" if the U.S. Government didn't have so much interest in the oil there. We could have most of the money still in this country. There would be no "Farm Aid." There would be no need. I knew this topic would open up some good debates. I thank all of you for good words and opinions. By the way, the Libertarian Party wants to close the majority of bases in foreign lands and have the military protect our borders as stated in the Constitution. However, the more I hear about Alaska, the more I am thinking on moving there. Sounds like those people want to be free. Also, I left another Commandment out. Honour thy father and mother. They put the D.A.R.E. "program" in their schools to teach children how to turn their parents into the government. That makes 70% of Commandments broken by the U.S. Government.
  15. ^^this guys hella smart
  16. Patriot I agree with all that you are saying. I still think there are more things that the US could do to help us.

    I know that some people are going to dis agree with this.

    The US needs to take care of it's own with it's own instead of giving so much to other countries. I thought the ten commandments were to help our country take care of itself. Now the government does not acknowledge them unless it helps their cause.
    For the people by the people? I have to ask how the government would define that phrase.
  17. Thank you, (I think.) Actually, all the folks on this site are smarter than most of the general population and are educated in a more proper manner because they aren't brainwashed by the propanganda put out in the government schools and by the media. I was once brainwashed myself and stood up for the prohibition when I was in high school. Then, about a year after high school, someone offered me that dangerous marijuana. I figured out real quickly I had been lied to by the teachers, etc. I even knew people who used it while I was in school. I didn't really think too much about it until I got involved politically over ten years ago. It saddens me to watch the crazed people of this country feel threatened by such a benign substance. It frustrates me that the taxes I pay everyday go toward people being persecuted for wanting only to bring peace into their lives. The American Government has little interest in peace. People were marching for peace during the Viet Nam "police action." They were being beaten and jailed by "peace officers" and labeled as Communists. 30 years later, we realize the people marching were right, just as the people on this site are right. It does my heart good that these sites exist so we can all learn and be educated in a more proper manner. We currently live under the same type of facist rule as The Third Reich in Germany. I've even had people ask me if I fear being arrested for expressing these thoughts. Sometimes I do. Our Constitution says otherwise. 1st Amendment of the Bill Of Rights. This is all very sad. Find happiness and peace where you can.

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