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The taste of weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Reo, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Eh guys just up and asking do any of you like the taste of raw weed/ keif in your mouth?

    Just over a year ago i was making brownies and decided to lick the canna oil off something i foget what it was. But that taste of raw bud stayed in my mouth for the whole day. Since then i havent rilly cared for it much.

    But for the last couple of months ive been getting this weird craving for the taste of bud whether it be raw or smoked exclusively through a pipe. Don't know why I just like the taste in my mouth. And every time I load a bowl or handle bud I lick it off my finger tips instead of wiping or washing it off.

    The taste of bud....... num num num num num
  2. I always lick the sticky icky off my fingers! I like the taste it tastes like it smells, but i think id have some trouble eating a lot a once, unless the cops were afoot in which case that grass would be gone
  3. I don't care for the taste of raw bud. Pretty gross in my opinion.
  4. I ju st got some dank and I love the taste when I hit my chillum. Yummmmmmm
  5. I had some spoiled cannabutter once that tasted disgusting and turned me off to the taste of bud for a while but after having some really nice canna-cookies I got over it. I think weed tastes pretty great when it is raw to be honest. I once ate a bud fresh off a plant and it was pretty spicy and really enjoyable because my mouth went totally numb for a few minutes.
  6. Eating bud is akin to eating a fucking coffee bean. Although we prefer to extract the caffeine and drink it in a diluted form the beans are quite bitter and over powering. It is the true "essence" of coffee as bud or flower is the essence of cannabis. Although we enjoy the effects and the pleasant smell and use it in a variety of manners, I don't think you can tell me with a straight face, that you enjoy scarfing down buds with a side of ranch.
  7. no I hate salad dressing.
    and i dont like coffee.....but I do love coffee beans. specially those dark chocolate covered coffee beans. i was at work snaking on them while i was bringing in carts. moments later i found out that they weren't decaffeinated. and i was fuckin pumped for no reason.
  8. Chocolate covered espresso beans are the bomb.
  9. #9 spliffhitter77, Oct 7, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2015
    Yeah I figured the ol "chocolate covered coffee bean" would come to the rescue and serve as a legitimate defense. Well played.

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