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The taste of weed...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by orangesublime3, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Sitting in my room, smoking out of my bubbler & watching the snow out my window & I came to a weird thought... Does anybody really not like the taste of weed? Like a person that wants to smoke but doesnt because the taste disgusts them? Ive never met or heard of anybody matching that description, has anybody?
  2. The only people ive met that dislike weed are those that havent tried it. I love the taste of a well cured bud.

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  3. Smoking weed is bitching!!!!
  4. Smoking weed is whaling!!!!!!!! 420 post whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  5. I used to not like it when I started. Now I love the taste of hitting greens haha..the paraphernalia that is being used affects the taste immensely
  6. My friend doesn't like the taste. Idk why, I love it

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  7. Weed is good yes

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  8. Personally I don't mind the taste any more - the more I smoke the more I get used to it, but I didn't really used to like it.
  9. Yeah true, what your smoking out of really does have a good say in the taste. Most of these answers I was expecting lol. When I first started smoking I dont think I ever thought that the taste of it could be bad
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    Also not really a taste I ever really crave tho
  11. bingo to the guy tht said its all about the piece
  12. This girl i know said she doesn't like it because it smells like skunk

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  13. Actually, I do not like the taste of the SMOKE.  The raw herb itself is an overwhelming smell and its great.  But smoke, i just dont really like the taste.  However, vaping and dabbing tastes the best to me!
  14. how could u not like the taste?

    cannabis smoke has a sweetness to it thats completely unique compared to other dry herbs and leaves.

    the smoke is so tasty to me it makes my mouth water before i even hit it.

    you guys must me smoking some low quality herb. come to BC

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  15. Depends on method of consumption for me:
    Clean Bong - Yummyyyy
    Dirty Bong - *puke*
    First half of a joint - best way to taste weed besides vaping
    Second half of joint - Resiny asshole
    Pipe - Tasty but harsh
    Vape - First half of the bowl is the most delicious, burnt popcorn flavor is a huge downside though after half a sesh.
    I love the taste of weed but only when consumed right.
  16. Oil tastes sweet and fruity. I'm never going back to weed because it's harder to hide and concentrates are just easier

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