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the taste of THC

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stickyglassOG, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. so i'm smoking on some Purple Diesel and it has a very very distinct taste... upon breaking down the bowl my fingers got sooooo sticky... the bud wouldn't come off my fingers... but anyways the taste got me thinking.. if you had to describe the taste of THC, how would you do it? this bud just has a over-powering taste of straight THC (sativa dom. hybrid) and I just wanna match my thoughts with others. you know, like after you take that super fat bong rip and your mouth waters up with the taste of bud and you have a coughing fit? try to describe hat taste.
    happy toking everyone.  :bongin:

  2. sometimes piny sometimes citrus and when the bowl is done like shit.
  3. tastes like mother nature's vagina
  4. I think THC would absorb the flavor of whatever strain created it and it would be impossible to isolate a single flavor for THC in general. However this is just my hypothesis on the matter, I could be totally wrong.
  5. I have no idea either i'm baked as fuck and always wondered about the taste and what actual THC tastes like lol idk
  6. That's the taste of the flower, not THC.  lol
  7. I will say that sativa with a high THC content has a 'sharper' taste to it and often has a numbing/cooling effect on the mouth while strong indica almost tastes spicy in a strange sort of way.
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    ^ this. like I'm saying I get this distinct taste with every flower I smoke. it's not just the flowers
  9. I think the best word to describe the taste I get from smoking kief from a sativa would be 'zesty' while indica kief is pungent and spicy. I still think the flavor of THC is masked by its mouthfeel effects of numbing and causing tingling sensations which somewhat overpower and mimic flavor.
  10. I have some kief that taste like straight up pineSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. Not sure if you can really taste it, more likely what you taste is the terpenes and cheicals responsible for the aroma, not the THC itself.
  12. keif has a salty sweat + pine taste makes sense because cannabis plants sweat out THC for protection

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