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The taste of it...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmokeandJoke, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Am I the only one who likes the taste of ganj? Its got a great flavor...better than any damn vegetables. Sometimes I'll just inhale thru my piece even when it doesn't have weed in it, just to taste it. I only asked one of my friends, a newbie smoker, and he said it tasted alright.

    I like big, chalky hits that make the throat burn too. Bongs are ok but you don't get the flavor and you can't feel it going down like you can on a spoon. I like it when you can tell when you are full up, when you're taking a hit and whether you're getting smoke or just air.
  2. most certainly not. i quite enjoy the taste of many strains, some tatse better than others. not incredibly fond of resin and commercial but i don't mind them
  3. I don't think it tastes bad, but I only inhale through an empty spoon when I really wanna smoke and don't have any.
  4. good bud tastes great
  5. i think some bud has a good taste. But other bud is nasty.
  6. I pretty much smoke out of my bong the most often and I like the taste of that better than say a bowl- I guess im just not a fan of the tar taste.

  7. Uhhhhmmmmmm...... NO!

  8. eating is a different story for me. i hate the taste.
  9. I've never had brownies or anything. Does the flavor come through alot or is it kind of weak?
  10. A nice Garcia Vega Crystal and some Hydro has a nice flavor to it :)
  11. It all really depends on how much reefer you use but the taste is definatly there, and i love it.
  12. yea the taste usually comes through strong, and thats a bad thing imo. dosn't matter if you remove the weed or not.
  13. why remove the weed?

  14. cause ya cook out(simmer) the thc into some butter or oil first.
  15. if the bud has been grown and prepped correctly, no matter what strain... it will taste delish.

  16. Well I must say that just licking a bud itself tastes like crap to me. Any food I've eaten containing thc/weed tasted pretty bad too. Life is preference...
  17. we've had many o brownies and different things
    every time it hasnt had that great of a taste
    one time we used some carrot cake put like a half o in there and it had a cream cheese topping u put on it and that shit tasted great i mean that was the best tasting bud cake i ever had,

    had to b the topping

    hey wheres the cream filling????


  18. LoL! I do that. I thought I was I was the only one. I mostly do it when I can't smoke but really want to. Like if i'm studying for a test or something. I love the taste/smell of my pipe.

    ...It's so comforting.
  19. join the club love the taste...
  20. i love the taste of ganji... it has an excellent tast... but i also love the nice aroma of weed too

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