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  1. Hey guys This is a Tig Welded Aluminum Ash Tray for ashing out your bowls and bongs . I came up with this 2 years ago in welding class and just started to make them again and would like to know what you guys think about them.

    So leave some comments below what you think about it.

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    an ash tray with a poker?

    they sell these at pretty well every head shop I've ever been to.

    I've always just tapped the ash out of the bowl and never had an issue. or just blow it out.
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  3. ok but not this one and its just accessory to have. some people would rather not blow it or tap it out on the table.
  4. yeah... I know,

    You asked what people think about it though right? did you only want positive feed back?

    it looks nice, I'm sure it works good. I just wouldn't ever use anything like that

    good luck man
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  5. Yeah and Na all feedbacks worth something apprecaite your reply and thanks
  6. I do like the idea of the poker being metal as compared to the Debowlers I’ve used which ended up dulling after heavy use (even with regular cleaning).

    I’m curious as to how they are colored? is it paint or anodized or what’s up?

    I think I would almost want my casher part to be just plain aluminum just to never worry about any color chipping or flaking into my bowl.

    I like the orange!
  7. Thanks They are painted I have never had a probably with a chipped piece of paint in my bowl but the very tip will eventually lose color. I also like the idea maybe not painting the Casher or maybe the whole tray and polish the aluminum
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  8. I wouldn't use one personally I just ash my bowl outside after i'm done smoking :confused_2:
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  9. i could see amateur smokers purchasing one.
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  10. I'm sure theres a market somewhere but I wouldn't be intrested. Clean up your welds and it wouldn't look so "high school shop class" like.
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