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The Tahoe Og Appreciation Thread :d

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by poplars, May 22, 2013.

  1. I figured this thread could easily be started, since a lot of people have smoked/grown tahoe og, and really appreciate it.
    it's a pretty heady strong high, amazing lemon flavors that actually is detectable on the tongue, really enjoyable smoke, extremely crystally and nice bud structure....
    I grew cali connections tahoe og, and the pheno I got was so solid outdoors and amazingly tasty and potent, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for that sort of thing.
    and it while it was outdoors in bud season :) 

  2. Smoking on it myself right now my man! Some of the smelliest I've ever had.
  3. Why has there been no posts in this forum in hours
    how could a clone only strain have multiple phenos?
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    I love the Tahoe OG Kush :hello: growing the clone only for the 3rd time now, plan on cloning it until it dies or I lose it somehow. Even if I lose it, it will live on forever via other growers who love and appreciate her. 
    The smoke it is too strong for me, since my T-break. But it tastes so amazing its hard not to overdo it. Last time I smoked the Tahoe it gave me an anxiety attack.
    I would love to have a high CBD version of the Tahoe OG. I got some high CBD regs growing now. If one is a male I want to try to cross it to the Tahoe OG to take some of the edge off the Tahoe and hopefully retain that wonderful smell and taste.
    In terms of taste: its 10/10, smell: its 10/10, yield: 7/10, potency: 10/10
    Grow ability: difficult, its a very demanding plant, not for beginners IMO.
  6. What general area are y'all in?
  7. I'm in nor-cal.
    and a clone only strain can have multiple phenos when you put it in seed form, this is a mostly stabilized strain but if you grew 20 seeds of it I'm sure you'd see 3 or 4 phenotypes.
  8. Well that Tahoe OG washed up over here and has been here for a couple weeks. It's a real treat. Tastes amazing and pretty intense head high. I live pretty close to Tahoe also :cool:

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