The Systems 8 Strain Grow - First time using T5 in veg(Updated: 1/29/2014)

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    Well my background is I used to take care of a house as well as a caregivers basement which numbered 72.
    In total we had fifteen 1,000 watt lights going and we had a nice set up.
    Now I am my own caregiver allowed to grow mine and a legit patients stuff. I am allowed 24 plants, so I started with 16 and when I move them to flower I will be taking only 8 clones (1 per each strain) and when I figure out the plants I like I will determine which ones to keep.
    I am wanting something a lot less work, looking for a larger crop my first one and then a smaller amount on perpetual from there on out. I got my seeds, have them planted.
    I am running a T5 8-bulb VHO. It can run 4 bulbs or 8 bulbs, each bulb running at 96 watts and 8,000 lumens (so the box says). I used to run MH bulbs in a big room last time, but didn't want to have to set up dual exhausts and temperature control in two different rooms. I am going for the energy saver option here and with the first week I am pretty happy they seem to be doing well.
    Now at first I know I need 4 lights, and eventually I will need 3. So I went with the option of trying hydro farms 6 foot track light system (the chain driven system) that I got super cheap on ebay. There is only a 20 lb. limit on these smaller systems (you can get more advanced ones) but I will explain that decision later. I heard a lot of bad things about these, but I also heard a lot of good. I hooked them up to my hoods and they ran perfectly.
    Now at first I wanted raptor 8 inch hoods, then I walked into the store by my house (hydro giant never even heard of these when I went to check) and they are called saturn brand hoods or something like that. They are basically a huge cool tube with strictly light cheap aluminum wings you have to attach yourself. These things are super light and the 8 inch is pretty much the same size as the Raptor model 8 inch (40x30). They are not as deep as some of your standard hoods, but they seem to leave a much larger footprint of light. I figured light as can be, cover a lot of ground, if they work well on this chain system a 6 foot travel path of my lights in a 8-10 foot room there would be light all over the place. I want to try and cover 4 lights with only 2.
    Lumatek 1000W digital ballasts ($199 each on ebay brand new, super lumens option. Do not overpay 300-350 in grow shops PLEASE!. Plus I got free 25 dollars to spend on ebay for buying a lot of my equipment off of there). Hortilux HPS bulbs.
    Strains(all feminized seeds):
     - Ice Bomb
     - Bubble Bomb
     - Skywalker OG Kush
     - Tangerine Dream
     - Blueberry
     - THC Pro
     - Big Bud
     - Cinderella 99 (C99)
    They have been in soil for about 8 days now, and have been out of dirt for 3-5 days. Looking healthy will get pictures up soon!

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    Well here is the visual evidence I promised.
    I will be updating regularly

    Bud Room:
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    This video shows a clip of a somewhat complete bud room with some of one of my relatives plants in there...he had to move and had a falling out with someone that was supposed to take care of them and it was either bring them here or chop them. He had to cut up half of his plants. They were moved, tortured, moved again, and just been treated horribly for about 2 or 3 weeks before they were brought to me.  I figured I needed to build my flower room anyways so he could help me with that and in exchange I'd let him crop one time in my room.

    Different angle and more of what I got going on for my small veg set up. Keep in mind these pots are on a cold basement floor with around 70 degree basement. Consider the low humidity and low temperature especially at the bottom of the pots it is vital to watch out for mold/mildew and watch your conditions. I had to add a cup of water inside my veg area to bring the humidity up. I also bleach/neem oil around the area twice weekly and also spray the bottoms of my pots as well as the floor to ensure no mold growth. The air filter I bought is seen here on e-bay and it helps with killing and mold or mildew spores that might be forming. Plants love fresh air so to get clean fresh air through a machine I had to buy two :) I love it but the ad says 5,000 square feet it is only 3,000 and it does not have a weekly programmable is not programmable at all its just pretty much turn on or off your personal settings manually. Watch out for exposing UV light to your plants though it will harm them and possibly kill them but this one is pretty well contained and I don't have the light sides (front and back) facing my plants.

    Hook one of these things up with some duct work for your small tents or grow boxes and this will improve the quality of your plants and also help keep them healthy. Kills any harmful remnants of cigarette smoke also because smoke around your plants is horrible!

  6. Don't know why the links don't show as videos like last time...I tried editing it a few times so I guess you will have to just manually view these ones.
    idiot lol
  8. No one likes my journal I figured the videos would intrigue people
  9. ur post is cool bro...u should post pics nd vids cause the vids don't always show up depending on if the person is using a laptop or phone nd some phones don't format the videos correctly
  10. I feel like a weirdo because Im posting with a laptop and when I post a picture it was taken with a real camera.
    I know phones are very cool now days but they have their draw backs.
  11. Got the framing to my newly built veg room done today, just need to vapor barrier it, add some paneling on the inside on the bottom half, and then mylar the inside (this is a 6x5x6 box basically next to my flower room. There is a door containing these two rooms so it is definitely secure and lock tight.
    I will add pictures later on before, during, after the actual room is done (from framing on) then move my plants into some bigger pots and give them some space to grow out. They're getting cramped!
    Check back for an update later tonight
  12. What's roughly ur cost to setup

    iPhone using Grasscity app
    Shit man I have spent just as much at lowes as I have on my actual equipment lol.
    Had to build two rooms. Vapor barrier, insulation, mylar in both rooms. Had to add doors obviously. Added a second breaker box so I have all the free amps I need to run whatever in both rooms. If you wait a little while I can tally up the exact cost of constructing this stuff. I mean the cans of spray adhesive and silicone alone probably ran me over $100 bucks.
    In equipment I paid $400 for ballasts on ebay, $250 for both 1,000 watt hoods. I got two hortilux bulbs on ebay I think for $60 a piece. I got $130 into a 6 inch fan + filter but that is going into my veg room so I am buying an 8 inch or 10 inch with a taller canister for my flower room today.
    Let's just say I spent a lot more than I expected and most of the costs came from actually constructing the rooms and making the rooms worthy. I did not half ass a single thing for my set up. Pictures of my veg room completed coming later today!
    Who has a smart phone that can't play youtube videos? lol

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