The system is ungovernable...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LDSR, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. lol. Yay for labling

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  2. What happened to biting your tongue?! Lawl

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  3. no because there will always be a general idea of how people "SHOULD" LIVE


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    You can when it is voluntary collectivism, which I see as the ultimate ideal situation.  People do best when they prosper together, we are a social animal.  The key is to make it voluntary. 
  5. Collectivism is when people collectively tell others how to live

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  6. Haven't watched the whole thing yet, but the concept of "global 2.0 and global 3.0" has relevance to the discussion.  How many will hunker down in 2.0 and how many will make it to "3.0"?  Exciting times indeed.
    Greg Hunter seems to be, if nothing else, a good host that has solid guests.  
    Well of course, a person would be much better off living in society than living alone in the woods. But what I was talking about was more of what Yuri said.
  8. With the blood of tyrants.
  9. There's a cool study about how people group together and form gangs. If you take 100 people and give half of them 50 red shirt's and 50 black shirts. Then tell one of the people to pick a person, they 99% of the time pick someone with same color shirt. Or when they took two groups that camped near each other gave them choirs and they eventually drew up arms in this case bats to attack each other. Scientists believe it is caused by people grouping together. Individuals don't behave this way only when we are groupedbat mobile
  10. This is true. They actually identified the genes responsible for this as well

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    I'm going to buy you a dictionary for Christmas. :p
  12. Didn't much care to start a new thread.  The politics section is weak.  Maybe it's always been that way, just more pronounced the worse the world gets.  Despite rigged markets, usd losing reserve status, the spectre of nuclear war looming, the transition to the IMF away from elected officials, geoengineering, etc., the hot topics on GCpolitics is a random bill in Arizona and wealth inequality.  
    I understand a lot of people use the forum for entertainment...just saying, the politics sections ain't much different from MSM (arguing about  interior decorating while the house is burning).  Good luck and goodbye, zombies.
    P.S.  Fuck the mods too.  Bring back all the "conspiracy" threads to politics, where they belong (seeing how most have been PROVEN).   
  13. Bringing back conspiracy threads will only lower the post quality even more, regardless of the validity of the theories.

    This isn't meant to be a snide remark, but perhaps you could start some threads that will spur intelligent discussion.

    I would, but whenever I do no one responds. So I just watch the shit storms.

    What DOES need to be brought back is LAY LOW, LIMECAT, AARONMAN, as well as all the people that went up against them.

    What we are watching today is 2014 NBA when we really want to watch 1994 NBA. (Better fights and better players)

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