The system is ungovernable...

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  2. At this points its a semantics argument. So ill just back out.

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    How does this at all bring out an "us vs them" mentality? Us against who? Right now its us vs the bankers and oil barons who run the world but you seem to think were better off in this position as long as the false wars don't go on in your country. 
    & when I say a society based on the collective human I am not talking about whether you want to play football and other people want to ride bikes, I mean a society that actually acknowledges all human beings no matter where they are born or the conditions they started in. I am not saying build a system where everyone needs to fit in boxes and have to be forced to do certain jobs. What I am trying to say is that why not build a system based around the fact that no life is more precious than another and we should be taking care of our species rather than just ourselves. 
    I know what you are trying to say but I am talking strictly necessities like food, water and shelter. I guess you believe that the world we live in now is trying to bring about collectivism? If so I would disagree saying no common needs are even remotely trying to be met. Are we going to foreign countries to speak about common ideals? No we go to force them upon cultures by force, taking control of their natural resources for the sake of "democracy".
    I actually chose this name only because he was one of the first people I read of who believed todays society was run by the wealthy class for their own benefit. I won't argue with you about my name hahah but I never implied "forcing" anyone to do anything. 
  4. See agenda 21 and the UN attempts at global arms treeties.

    Yes. Collectivism is growing

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    I have read enough about agenda 21 to give me trust issues hahah I'm hoping on an alternative :p
    Anyone heard of the venus project? Stumbled upon it about a year ago, its fairly interesting  -
    They talk about replacing politicians and business people with scientists and engineers who have the technical expertise to manage the economy, among a myriad of proposed technologies.  
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    Please read if you consider yourself a liberal, libertarian, republican, etc.
    If you asked anyone these questions: Is it ever okay to kill someone? Is it right to feed the poor? Is it right to clothe the poor? Is it right to provide shelter to the poor? Is freedom one of the most important things in life? Is there something fishy about our politicians and big business who are endlessly buying out their competitors?
    Ya know, I would hope 99% of the population would say yes to all of those questions, the list could go on...The issue we have with the "system" today is that it's been so drawn out, passively accepted, peoples lives have been duped into mon-fri BLEH saturday and sunday YAAY. There is very well a war going on for your subconscious mind, and as a collective whole we don't want to talk about ourselves as a collective whole. We would rather distinguish ourselves as "christians!!!" "black guy" "pot-smoker" whateevvverrr. What the real issue is IMO is the constant bombardment and acceptance of "it being the way it is". I was at the bank the other day getting a pre-authorization form and the lady suggests I talk to some banking person and she says "well money makes the world go round". Yes. In this sad sad state of a world we live in, yes it does.
    I really do think a lot of the things we do are backwards. So how to go about this change? We, as a people of the planet earth must realize we're in a shithole, things are bad, there's a lot of hate between Jews and Palestinians, Blacks and whites, X and Y. Guns and violence are not the way as we have seen. This monetary system instils a mindset to put yourself before others. The money is yours to make. Noone elses...fuck that homeless dude he should have a job. The very act of looking out for others would IMO set off a domino effect of good things to come. We never gave peace a chance, they kill the Lennons, JFKs, MLKs for a reason. 
    All Im saying is we gotta go backwards and evaluate to really go forwards.
    edit: fuck I always forget something
    To prosper, it is necessary that we start to believe more than we see. That is, become spiritual, meditate, find your niche whether it be yoga, tai chi, reiki, god knows there's an endless amount of spiritual practices. It's no phoney baloney shit, it's real, they can take pictures now of your aura, or the energy emitted from your finger tips. You can't keep this in the dark or only for a select few who have a genuine interest in it or we're all missing the point.
  7. LOL Marx is on the right track...I totally didn't read the thread maybe the first page of responses but ya... Collective goals can be achieved, we just have a knack for not re-evaluating how it is we live as a society.
  8. Bad idea. Give smart people power? Whats the worst that could happen. Its bad enough with dumb people in power.

    Why would a scientist be any less inclined to abuse power than a lawyer?

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  9. Collectivism is tyranny of the masses.

    Tolerence is allowing people to live how they chose even if they disagree with the collective.

    Witch hunts are a good example of the dangers of collectivism

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    Hahah now you are implying just a basic lack of faith in humanity... Maybe having enough smart people while also requiring a unanimous vote on any issues. 100% transparency as well obviously, something non existent currently haha
  11. Ever hear the saying if you're not a liberal by 20 you don't have a heart. But if you're not a conservative by 30 you don't have a brain?bat mobile
  12. /bites tongue.
    Who knows, maybe 'freedom' will spread faster than 'the state' can redefine itself.  After all, the supposed "best" government ever conceived by man now spies on the world.  But then again 'we' could try Venus Project for a few hundred years. 
  13. Collectivism with tolerance would be great hahah 
    \n& who the fuck knows what people were thinking back then hahah.. Farmers would blame failed crops on 'crazy' women and call them "witches". The ignorant and fearful would perform the witch hunts while people with some sense tried to stay out of the ordeal. 
  14. Actually yes. I have little faith in "humans" and also their ability to govern other humans.

    I actually prefer complete anarchy. Mob rule.

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    Thats an oxymoron. You cant have tolerance with collectivism, when collectivism is simply sacrificing some for others.
    I think I can understand where that can come from based on the majority of history up until present time.. I just have to hope we break the cycle somehow but we seem to be out of control at this point...
  17. We have to agree to mind our own buisness and let eachother live.

    Dont snoop around peoples houses for pot or tell them who to have sex with ect.

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    I know but I didn't know how else to explain it and don't know the word if there is one that I could have used.. 
  19. Agreed. Could that be the collective idea around a society then..?
    You lost me on the last paragraph.  :(

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