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  1. This is something that all of us have thought of at one time or another.  The hypocrisy of the system itself or aspects of the system (ie drug war vs. pharma subsidies).  Lately I've wandered how the system is still seen as "legitimate" by so many.  
    I just came across this video...confirmation bias aside...where the guest (name) laid the case out so precisely that I had to share.
    Like how Stefan Molyneux uses the analogy of the "earth-centric model of the universe" eventually got to a point where it was completely embarrassing for someone to ignore the overwhelming evidence and advocate the debunked system.  Can anyone still argue that the US gives fuck about justice and equality?  Can anyone argue a few elections and court cases will set us right as rain?  Are we in such a time? 

  2. What do you propose to fix it all and how do you know it will work?  People stick with the system because most alternative options aren't viable and/or they are too ignorant to understand life in any other way.
  3. If you were to be in most other forms of government with the technology we have today things would be a lot worse than with what we have now imo.

    Theres always shit to complain about but that doesnt mean its not 1000x better than alternatives.

    Personally i advocate a global governmentless wild west of sorts though
  4. Get rid of democracy and make taxes voluntary. "Elected" officials and leaders could be fired the next day if the people were the boss (how america was supposed to be)

    Most problems we have with the government, most people agree that they are problems. But our system of stagnant democracy doesnt actually give the people any choice.

    "Ima democrat so ima vote for the one of two choices that maybe represents me" "i hope for the next 2-4 years they continue to represent me" "i know he did some bs in his last term, but the other guy is a republican! My guy is a lesser of two evils"

    Wouldnt it be nice if the people not only had the power, but used it? (News flash, we do!)

    The main enemy is mass brainwashing from the media. Most people dont like certain aspects of government, but dont hate it enough to do anything because theyd rather play games or party or whatever they do as a hobby.

    Most people also dont like responsibility. Governmwnt allows us to pass responsibility (and blame)

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  5. 1st.  The system is arguably gone.  There are cartels that steal trillions of dollars with impunity.  How long before there is literally not enough money to pay for entitlements, pensions, wars, veterans, subsidies, etc?  There was a $13 trillion cost to "US households" in the 2008 much will be stolen next time.  
    2nd.  As tragic as it is that so many people have become accessories to the state, it doesn't change reality.  A lot of people are struggling even with (assuming the programs are beneficial) the $billions spent/borrowed annually.  Ask 'Greece' if it mattered that a lot of people depended on 'govt programs'.  It's not about "viable" option it's about the programs not being an option.
    3rd.  Why are you asking me how to fix your precious system?  I'm just pointing out the system ignores major banks going around sanctions...but has 3 felonies waiting for Edward Snowden.  I'm just pointing out the system ignores major banks that launder money for "known terrorists" and drug cartels...but check your grandma's diaper at the airport, and super bowl.  I'm just pointing out the system that ignores thefts equalling $trillions...but put Wesley Snipes in prison.  Blade, son!
  6. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said something to the effect that the country was not really manageable because it was too big -- and this was when it didn't even extend west of the Mississippi.
    IMO, if history is any guide, the US will and should break up into smaller pieces. I think it will happen at some point despite any efforts to stop it. This will be a positive for everybody except those who live off the taxpayers, which includes the various flavors of statists that reside in Washington.
    Unfortunately, I'm in a big liberal, statist region so I'll have to move. :( But it won't happen in my lifetime so I guess I'm not going to worry about it. :D
  7. Watch how they wont let you, all for your safety, because you cant think for your self, its obvious. You want to move where there are less laws but more freedoms and its not safe, so they wont let you. Gotta love that statist mentality.
    Getting rid of democracy?  Ok, so what are we putting in place of it, or are we just abolishing government completely?  What do we do when there are those that want to start over and those that just want anarchy? 
    I don't disagree with you, I just asked a question....don't make it personal.  :(
    Fuck 'em! I'll be laughing from my grave.
  10. there will always be enough money because we can just print it out of thin air

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  11. Free market government.

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    Oh it certainly will. How much longer can the dollar illusion be propagated? 5 more years? 2 more years?
    Time is running out for the US way of death..
    Until hyperinflation hits...
  14. Shhhhh. The serfs must remain ignorrant.
    They must believe that keynsian economics is viable because there is a degree for it

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    I can't believe you put free market and government together. :eek:  You should know better around here.
    And there's absolutely no reason why a democracy can't have a free market.  Why do we still need to destroy our democratic republic, not that we have that now, but we are supposed to.  Certainly doesn't mean we should toss out democratic principles.
    Odds are I will die within 10-15 years, 20 would be a stretch.
    The fiat dollar has been around since 1971, although even before that when it was still tied to gold they were manipulating its price. I've read that the average age of fiat currencies is 25 years. By that measure we are certainly on borrowed time.
    However, the British pound sterling has been a fiat currency for 80 years or so.
    Will the dollar become worthless at some point? If history is a guide, then the answer would be "yes."
    I'll give you a more accurate answer when the dollar will crash when I get my crystal ball working again. It doesn't like this cold weather. :D
    Aside from all that, I'm just here for the ride.
    Yes Yuri. Tsk tsk!!
    Fizz --> [​IMG] <-- Yuri
    "Free market" and "government" are diametrically opposed to each other.
  18. With the technology we have today I don't see why the people can't rule themselves through voting systems over the internet. The only other thing needed would be a world power to carry out plans. The power thought would be a tool for the people, rather than the people being the tool for the power.
    For people who say nothing else could work I suppose are perfectly fine with the governments now with their own agenda, spending the tax payers money on unnecessary military efforts over seas when it is clear the majority of the people want our troops out of those countries.
    The current system is broken, its going to bring the economy down with it and then we will have no choice but to think for ourselves and build a society that truly represents us as the collective human.  
  19. Democracy is just the tyranny of the majority. Just because a majority of people think something does not mean it is moral or just for them to enforce their ideas on the minority. The majority is often completely wrong. I don't see how a majority magically make an idea just or moral. 
    I don't disagree, but it still is the best form of governing.  We aren't ready for lack of government yet, so until then I'll take the various forms of democracy over the alternative.

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