The sweetest DIY 172w CFL system...just need timer advice

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Dre1136, May 5, 2011.

  1. I decided to take at least two of my kiwi skunks and bring them indoors under some CFL goodness... Right now my girls are 18 days old and doing just alright outside...

    For the lighting system I used
    2 x 26w Daylight 1700 lumens

    1 x 42w 2300 lumens

    3 x 26w Soft White CFLs

    a 13 x 36 piece of sheet metal that I found at home depot for like $6.23

    I had the idea from somewhere I had seen and I originally wanted to use flaSHING but it was waaaaay to expensive. On getting it home I drew the X's where I wanted the fixtures to go and then cut the metal, pushed the plug through and pulled the socket tight on the other side stopping the excess dangling with a knot.

    The picture below is before I added the holes at the end for support on the sides for it to be suspended in the air by chain.

    This is the back and it looks quite messy but everything stay in place on the front so thats all that matters right?!?!


    So now my question, I've got 3 timers, one surge protector and 6 cords from sockets attached to my UFO lighting system (patent pending lol) and I have no idea of the best way to plug this thing up... I've got it pre staged in my grow room and I just need to plug it up.

    Can I run the sockets to the surge protector and plug the surge protector into the timer or will I just need more timers for all 6 sockets?
  2. You can run it all through one timer, its not even 200 Watts total.
  3. What do you mean? Just run it all through my power strip and then to my timer?

    The timers I have a 'basic timers' the one that you pull up and push down tabs to set the times and they each have one outlet on them
  4. Yeah, if they all already have plugs on them you can run them all to one strip, then to the timer. Or if they are just stripped ends you can twist them all together and run one cord to the timer. Either way its only 175W. Not a ton of power there.
  5. Well thanks, I'm gonna leave school now and fire that bad boy up! I'm gonna put two or three plants under it and start them on 24 hours!

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