The Sweet Spot 4 Flowering

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  1. Ok so we all know theres a good time when you should be adding more phosphorus and potassium and cutting down the nitrogen, when is it tho?

    I have been adding monsterbloom(0-50-30) starting around 3rd 4th week of flower and cutting the nitrogen out totaly around week 4-5, but I am now thinking that it should be more around the 2 week mark if i want to really jack up them nugs/trichs

    What do you guys have to say about this subject? I would love to hear what other growers have to say about this. Thanks
  2. Nevermind what "other growers have to say", what are the girls telling you so far with what you've been doing?..
    Just 'saying!..

  3. strains are different, and i have only done one method so far, its ok, i think room for improvement for sure so i am trying to gather input :)
  4. Fair enough buddy..Always room for improvement for sure..But but, if it ain't broke, why even try fixing, yeah!..Anyhow, good luck mang!..:cool:
  5. I add Liquid Kool Bloom (0-10-10) during weeks 1-4 of bud and change to dry Kool Bloom (2-45-28) for the final week or two before flushing
  6. I only use grow nutes for a week or so depending on how long I veg, Lucas formula the rest of the way. From what I understand, there is still enough N in bloom and micro nutes.

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